ST. PAUL – March 15, 2019 – The Muslim Coalition of ISAIAH released the following statement:

“Our hearts and souls are profoundly troubled today as we contend with the aftermath of the horrific act of violence and terror that took place in Christchurch, New Zealand yesterday. Someone, filled with hate, deliberately entered two mosques to execute terror and pain on our community. It was done in the name of hatred for Muslims and migrants. Sadly, the harm of Islamophobia is global and relentless.

Only two days ago we held a press conference at our state Capitol in Minnesota about how Muslim Minnesotans are directly harmed when members of our legislature and the media recklessly point fingers, use dog whistles and perpetuate Islamophobia in our own state. Let us take seriously the consequences of maligning an entire community for political points or viewership rates.

Islamophobia is real and has real implications. Yesterday’s murder of at least 49 people and dozens more injured is proof of Islamophobia’s impact. We pray that Allah holds everyone harmed close, gives the survivors and families comfort and peace, and welcomes the deceased into Paradise. We also pray that we – all of humankind – awaken to the wisdom that we must be accountable to what we say and do, know the impact it has, and wrestle with what is required of us to eradicate Islamophobic rhetoric and deeds.

We remain committed to partner together with our neighbors to end Islamophobia and all forms of bigotry and xenophobia, both near and far.

Please join us tomorrow, Saturday, March 16, 2019 at 2pm for a gathering of solidarity, for all Minnesotan neighbors of good will at Dar Al Farooq Islamic Center in Bloomington, MN.”


About Muslim Coalition of ISAIAH

The Muslim Coalition of ISAIAH represents over 20 Islamic mosques in Minnesota who are dedicated to racial and economic justice in the state through deep partnership and collaboration with ISAIAH. ISAIAH is a multi-faith, multi-racial, state-wide and nonpartisan faith-based community organizing coalition in Minnesota.