Sanctuary Network

The Sanctuary Network of Minnesota is a network of places of worship whose love for their immigrant neighbors calls them to fight for robust, compassionate, immigration reform and immigrant justice in the United States. They take seriously the call to “love thy neighbor” and “welcome the stranger”.  They have made the decision to be Sanctuary or Sanctuary Supporting in this network by committing to walk a path together, standing against evil and hate in all its many forms and embracing radical, tangible love. 

The public devaluing and dehumanizing of people by tearing families apart and ripping the fabric of community through deportation has caused moral decay for our nation. The few politicians and corporations who choose this attempt to divide our communities are doing this with greedy and corrupt intentions. 

Together, our public love will take victory over this evil. Our love compels us to provide shelter, safety, security, prayer, time, money, advocacy, relationship and fellowship. Although each congregation is at a different stage of commitment, all of them have made the bold, and moral choice to stand with God’s commandments in this fight. 

Sanctuary and Supporting congregations not only provide refuge and a safe haven to families fighting deportation, they also fight for full immigrant justice. This includes fighting and advocating for policies and legislation that embraces a sanctuary state; drivers licenses for all Minnesotans, regardless of status; immigrant legal defense funds, know your rights and rapid response trainings; and getting federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) out of Minnesota.