The most important part of what is happening at the Minnesota Legislature is you/us.

We know our democracy works when we participate and show up. We embody the multiracial democracy we seek to bring about. And because of your leadership the past few months and years we make a clear difference in politics in Minnesota. Powerful people consider us a player.

Because of your leadership our entire agenda passed the house and the Governor has been leading on our issues.

Unfortunately, the Senate has been obstructing. They have not heard any of our issues and have instead moved forward things that would hurt people we love and threaten our democracy, like pre-emption and eliminating the Child Care Assistance Program and cutting the estate tax.

This is frustrating. It feels like we have thrown everything we’ve got into making our democracy work and advance our agenda. We had 5,500 people in actions since January — more than we’ve ever had before. If you are wondering if it is still not enough, that’s the wrong way to look at it.

In 2017/2018 we knew we had to change the way politics was done in Minnesota. We had to make sure everyone running for office encountered our vision, agenda and power. We shaped the elections around people, and around community and hope, not fear.

And the elected officials who were shaped by us are not only advancing our agenda but are in deep co-governing relationship with us. Our house meetings and caucus path in 2017 were essential to getting us to this powerful point with the House of Representatives and Governor.

It is only halftime. We must continue to fight for our agenda during this legislative session and then take the fight to 2020 when we’ll elect our Senators.

They must go through the same environment shaping we did in 2018. Right now, some Senators are doubling down on fear and division to distract us from their corporate tax breaks. We need them to know that this is not going to work in Minnesota.

Our path forward is clear. We stay strong in the next week (or longer) for this legislative session. And then  this year and next, we’ll build on what we have accomplished and engage thousands of new people in the process of shaping politics to put people at the center, not fear.