ISAIAH Press Statement | SAINT PAUL, January 26, 2021

No matter what we look like or where we live, Minnesotans know that we pull through by pulling together. We also know the impacts of COVID have not hit Minnesotans equally: for too long, the richest corporations and the certain politicians they back have profited from pitting people against one another, effectively picking and choosing who gets adequate care and protection and who will suffer or even die.  The richest 1% have profiteered from this pandemic, while leaving those we depend on the most to bear the largest burden: the childcare providers and other caregivers, educators, those who process our food, stock the shelves and meet all our basic needs. 

It is time for us to join together so that after this crisis we ensure every one of us can care for our families. Governor Walz’s budget reflects our Minnesota values by asking the wealthiest Minnesotans to pay their fair share so that all of us, Black or white, Latino or Asian, indigenous or immigrant, can care for our loved ones, put food on the table and roof over our heads. 

We especially celebrate the Governor’s leadership in calling for paid family and medical leave, increased support for childcare, and economic assistance to families who are struggling the most. 

“As Minnesotans, we have a moral and practical responsibility to care for those who care for us. We can choose to fund early childhood education so that every child, every parent, and every teacher has the opportunity to thrive,” says Maria Snider, Director of Rainbow Child Development Center and a leader with ISAIAH’s Kids Counts on Us⸺a group of over 500 child care centers in Minnesota. “In this moment, we have an opportunity to build a new contract in our society. Thank you Governor Walz for putting forward a budget that puts our kids and families first.” 

We the people of this state deserve better than a return to a status quo that was failing our children and families. The choices we make in our budgets and policies today can build a recovery toward a better tomorrow for all Minnesotans, no exceptions. We call on the Minnesota Legislature to move these proposals forward and build on them to create the vibrant, thriving, and healthy Minnesota that we can be proud to call home.