State, Local elected officials are called on to intervene in human violations by outside agency

Minnesotan people of faith hosted a press conference outside the courthouse where a fellow faith leader and longtime Minnesotan, Carlos Urrutia, was forcefully accosted by two plainclothes men who refused to identify themselves, later to be known as Federal Immigration and Customs Law Enforcement (ICE) agents. The horrid event was captured on video and has since received tens of thousands of views and public outcry. Faith leaders addressed the crisis that many people, like Carlos, face when dealing with a rogue agency whose actions often violate rights and human dignity. The faith leaders’ action plan as well as available updates on Carlos were disclosed at this press conference.

The incident that took place last Thursday is not an isolated event. In Minnesota alone, there are countless occurrences of ICE agents impeding on due process hearings as well as family and criminal court proceedings to seize people, attempting to rush them through a detaining and deportation process without hearing or investigation.

All people, regardless of status, should feel safe to go to their court hearings without fear of getting kidnapped by unidentified men and deported. Those responsible for letting these miscarriages of justice happen must be held accountable. Our public and elected officials, including those of counties like Hennepin and Ramsey, have a direct responsibility of serving every resident. The inherent value of every human cannot be diminished and those charged with effecting justice in our state must not violate their dignity. This abuse of power from ICE and the lack of action from our courts must be addressed.