Psalm 45:4 (NIV)

“In your majesty ride forth victoriously in the cause of truth, humility and justice; let your right hand achieve awesome deeds.”

Watch a sermon preached by Minister JaNaé Bates highlighting the wins ISAIAH accomplished and the “Overwhelming Victory” we get to experience together because of the grace of God – Sermon Starts at 30 minute mark. Start at 51:20 to skip to the full list of our collective wins!

Muslim Reflection

After an Ant saw Solomon and his army coming it screamed to the other ants and told them to go into their shelters so they don’t get stepped on.

In the Quran Allah mentions this incident :

“So [Solomon] smiled, amused at her speech, and said, ‘My Lord, enable me to be grateful for Your favor which You have bestowed upon me and upon my parents and to do righteousness of which You approve. And admit me by Your mercy into [the ranks of] Your righteous servants.'”

Surah An-Naml, Verse 19 offers a profound lesson from the story of Prophet Solomon. It highlights his sincere gratitude towards Allah for the blessings bestowed upon him and his family. This verse reminds us of the importance of recognizing and appreciating the favors in our lives.  Prophet Solomon’s humility and gratitude serve as a powerful example for us to emulate.

Although we show up with a lot of people In different places in this session we should not be arrogant or feel like the power is only us.  Throughout this legislative session, we encountered challenges that seemed insurmountable. However, through our collective efforts, unwavering commitment, and the blessings of Allah, we achieved remarkable victories.

In the wake of these victories, let us remember that our achievements are not an end in themselves. Rather, they are a means to serve our community and uphold righteousness and gratitude to God. We should continue to embody the values of justice, compassion, and inclusivity in our actions. By doing so, we demonstrate our gratitude to Allah and fulfill our duty as His servants. May we remain steadfast in our pursuit of justice and strive to make a lasting impact in our communities, always recognizing and expressing gratitude for the favor of Allah in our victories.

Published Saturday, June 17, 2023