As people of faith working together across race, faith background, and zip code, we know the health and safety of our communities are central to creating the kind of Minnesota where all of us have a seat at the table and our needs are met. This pandemic has shown us what we’ve already known: we pull through by pulling together. 

So as we continue to navigate COVID19 together and discern how and when we reconstruct new normals, we believe that every person and every faith community deserves a seat at the table to discern the health and safety of themselves and their communities. Because while the virus does not discriminate, this pandemic moves through and has amplified the racial and economic injustices that existed long before it. Our black, brown, and lower income communities are put at disproportionate risk because a greedy few have decided to put their own profits over our health and safety. 

Over the last few months, we’ve seen clearly #WhoCaresForUs. It’s those of us working night shifts cleaning healthcare facilities. It’s our parents and neighbors stocking shelves or driving delivery trucks so we can continue to have food on the table. It’s our spouses working at childcare facilities to educate and keep our kids safe. It’s our elected officials who demonstrate through their leadership and policies a government that cares for our health and safety too.

By joining together, we can see these hard times through and come out stronger on the other side. We’ve done it through blizzards, floods, and a bridge collapse. And by the grace of God and our commitment to care for one another, we can do it again through this pandemic.