Job 8:19
“Surely its life withers away, and from the soil other plants grow.”

This scripture is a reminder that, out of God’s benevolence, nothing is wasted, and God makes useful all things for our benefit.

In the text, the life that withered was one that functioned apart from God, doing as they pleased and depending on the temporal pleasures of this world to sustain them.

We are all pushing to deliver a multi-racial democracy, make sure everyone who can become voters are and lean into our values and vision against a few who want to distract and divide us. In the midst, let’s remember that for those who sow harm and fear, their aftermath will be used to fertilize the advancement of the beautiful vision of what we’re planting. Let us march on in confidence. If God be with us, nothing can stand against us.

Qu’ran Reflection 16:90
Uthman ibn Abi al-‘As reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Gabriel, upon him be peace, has come and commanded me to put this verse in this place, in this chapter: Verily, Allah has commanded justice and excellence and giving to relatives, and he has prohibited debauchery, sin, and aggression. He admonishes you, that perhaps you will remember.”

A similar narration:

“Ammar ibn Yasir, may Allah be pleased with him, said, “Whoever has three qualities has completed the faith: a sense of fairness in yourself, spending in charity despite difficult circumstances, and offering peace to the world.”

We live at a time when our faith and values are constantly under attack or dismissed in many public platforms. The reason for this is some individuals who are emboldened to divide, normalize hate and devalue a human being based on the color of their skin or where they come from are currently holding high positions in our society and getting more attention than they deserve.

These usual suspects are also often the catalyst for many other types of violations against our communities in order to seek and gain a political seat or make more profit. Therefore, we must reject and put in action our faith and our sense of fairness in order to heal and defend those who are weak or unaware in our communities. Otherwise, these gross violations will continue to be normalized and the qualities we value will quickly be marginalized as a result of that. We have a choice to make, and that is to act now.

Early Voting has Begun! Be a Voter!

We are officially in VOTER SEASON!

We have 46 days to make sure that every Minnesotan who can be a voter, is a voter.

One of the best ways to make sure that happens is by showing folks that Minnesotans are voters, not just telling them. Take a photo or record a video of you voting and post to your social media. Don’t forget to say why it’s important for you to be an early voter and the values you hold dear.


Democracy Days Coming to ISAIAH!

Friday, Sept. 25 | Sunday, Sept. 27 | Sunday, Oct. 25 | Friday, Oct. 23

This election, we are claiming our voices by being voters. Democracy days are clergy-led events in preparation for the pivotal November election.

Get the Democracy Days Toolkit, appropriate for both congregations and individuals!

Democracy Days are events for congregations and individuals to be grounded in what building a multiracial democracy means to them. Questions of how to be a voter, where to be a voter, and why to be a voter will be discussed and answered.

Democracy Days Virtual Phone Bank

Everyone can participate in a Democracy Days Virtual Phone Bank. We’ll be calling Minnesotans on two Sunday evenings to make sure they are using their voices and being voters!


We Make Minnesota – GOTV March & Rally

Wednesday, Sept. 23 | 11 am

Education Minnesota parking lot, 41 Sherburne Ave, St. Paul (a block from the Capitol)

11:00 am: Voter Fair and Gathering (get your We Make Minnesota mask and signs!)
11:30 am: March to the Capitol
12:00 pm: Rally at the Capitol Mall

Featuring a voter fair, march, giveaways, and rally, this is one GOTV party you won’t want to miss!

40 days from the election, Minnesotans from all walks of life will come together at the State Capitol to show that WE Make Minnesota – with our voices and our votes.

Amid a pandemic and continued killings of Black Americans at the hands of those sworn to protect us, Minnesotans have consistently displayed the best version of ourselves. We’ve rallied the courage to lift up our voices for justice in the streets and with our lawmakers, while we push to keep our neighbors fed, healthy and housed.

But a handful of politicians are trying to divide us and make us afraid of each other based on what we look like or where we come from, hoping to silence our voices and keep us from standing up for each other.

Minnesotans are greater than fear. This year, we have the chance to turn our outrage and energy into change by electing new leaders who will govern for every one of us, no exceptions. From North Minneapolis to North Mankato, from Red Lake to Red Wing, WE make Minnesota.

****Social distancing rules apply: Please adhere to physical distancing and mask guidelines. Crowd marshals will be present.

Hosted by Education Minnesota, ISAIAH and 15 other organizations.

Watch and Share this Beautiful Video by Barbershop and Black Congregation Cooperative (BBCC)

The only way for democracy to work for all of us is for democracy to include all of us. This summer we marched to #DefendBlackLives. TODAY, we’re voters to #DeliverBlackDreams. #ClaimingOurVoices