Isaiah 41:10
“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

Our prayer lists are growing longer everyday as we are finding more and more people in hardship and pain through these times. Fear and uncertainty have rocked many of us. But we have a Creator who is still in control and who requires we continue to co-conspire with God to create the Beloved Community that is possible. 

We’re realizing that as we move forward in the coming days there will be a tremendous amount of pain, not because of a virus, but because a system is broken. The system we created in this country and world has demanded extraction and exploitation of people for profit. This system never served us, but it’s clearer than ever before that we can create a new system that centers people and our collective health, wealth and wellbeing.  

We are interconnected. Every single one of us. Regardless of race, religion or income, our fates are tied together. And we will have to show radical, public love in order to survive this together. We can and will do that. We will create a new social contract – one of a robust multi-racial democracy and a caring economy where every family and person can thrive.

Qu’ran Reflection (Bukhari)
“The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said, ‘If you hear of an outbreak of plague in a place, do not enter it; but if the plague breaks out where you are, do not leave that place.’

For the first time in my life, I have been called to close all of my mosques. That was a deeply painful decision that I didn’t take lightly or do without much prayer. But it became clear to me, along with many of those who are faithful, that staying home – when we can – is an act of public love.

During this time of “physical distancing,” we are called to practice love for our community. We must take accountability for one another’s health and wellbeing. The most tangible way to do that, if we can, is to stay socially connected and physically protected through distancing. You and I literally can’t be safe unless our neighbors are safe.

This pandemic is a test that will expose how true we are to our faith. We must lean into the full humanity of ourselves. Being abundant with one another, not hoarding or panic buying. We must be caring and loving, not practicing division, like the few who point the finger at our Asian community. We must use this time to fully practice what the Almighty calls us to daily. We’re to draw closer to the Almighty. That will allow us to want for others what we want for ourselves – love, community, health and prosperity.

By: Imam Asad Zaman, Executive Director of Muslim American Society of MN and Co-Founder of the Muslim Coalition of ISAIAH


Leading Through These Times: A Message from Doran Schrantz, ISAIAH Executive Director

The core mission of ISAIAH is about ensuring agency, democracy and public life for thousands of people in our community. Our mission requires the connection of people to people because democratic and public life can only be built between people, in relationship to one another. In 2020, especially in light of the COVID-19 crisis, it has never been more important that we demand a democracy that honors every person’s dignity and an economy where every family in Minnesota can thrive. That is our call, it is our mission and we will respond to that call no matter what.

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A People-Centered Response to COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

brought to you by a coalition of Minnesota nonprofit and union partners, including ISAIAH
Most of the communities hit hardest by COVID-19 and the economic fallout coming will be hourly workers who are losing pay, people in the service, care, and hospitality industries, temp workers, small business owners, gig economy workers, new immigrants, and other fields dominated by women and people of color. Our system has never worked for all of our communities, and now is our chance to fix that.
In the face of this global pandemic and economic crisis, we must take emergency action to ensure our families can survive, and also work to evolve our corrupt and morally bankrupt system so all families – no matter our race, job, gender, zip code, religion – can thrive, not just survive. It is time to fundamentally re-write the rules, recognizing that when we center those of us most impacted by inequities, it makes us all stronger.
Check out our new website listing the response we need our elected leaders to take
Then take action today! Click on the red box to send elected officials an e-mail letter asking them to listen to and act on these community demands.

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Staying Connected While Physically Distancing

ISAIAH leaders, church and mosque members, barbers and beauticians, and childcare providers and parents have creative ways – and are looking for more ways – to connect with and care for one another while keeping ourselves and each other safe through physical distancing.  

For example, Camphor Memorial United Methodist Church in St. Paul created a Connection Team who have divided up the church directory and are calling members once a week to check in on them, get them information about church resources and talk them through on how to virtually attend Sunday services, prayer and bible study.  

In all times, but especially times of trials, we need to be abundant with one another. ISAIAH is creating a public document that will compile some of these ideas. Please add yours!

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Video Conferencing: Open ‘Virtual’ Office Hours for low tech questions and practice

ISAIAH has moved all meetings and ‘one to ones’ into the virtual world! We are now using a platform called Zoom for the majority of our meetings. We realize that some of our leaders may not feel comfortable using this new platform yet and we want to help you get confident!  

We are offering Open ‘Virtual’ Office Hours so that you can ask low tech questions and get some practice.  

For more instructions on how to use Zoom or to pop into our open office hours for a quick tutorial or to ask questions, click below.

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Race Class Narrative Basic Training

This free on-line training is being offered three times by trainers from Faith in Minnesota and our Partners. Choose the date that works best for you:
Wednesday, March 25; 2:00 – 3:30 PM
Friday, March 27; Noon – 1:30 PM
Tuesday, March 31; 6:00 – 7:30 PM

This is an introduction to Race-Class Narrative where you can get important answers to questions like:
• Why is talking about race-class through a dependent clause ineffective?
• What are dog-whistle politics?
• What is the ultimate goal of dog-whistle politics?
• Who are “persuadables?”
• What is the anatomy of a winning narrative?
• And most importantly, why should I be using this winning framework in my everyday work and mission?

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Your Selfies and Photos Needed

Please send us selfies and images demonstrating the ways you are connecting with others to continue ISAIAH’s mission to protect and expand democracy, agency, and public life with people of faith across Minnesota. The photos you send will be used in our communication pieces to encourage and motivate us as we develop the skills needed to organize while maintaining physical distancing. Perhaps you could create a sign with a few keywords about what you’re doing or take a screen shot of an on-line meeting. Your creativity is needed! Send your photos and a short description to:


You have been called for such a time as this!

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