The following statement is being released by the organizations listed below:

“In times of crisis, Minnesotans – no matter the color of our skin, our wealth or our ZIP code – come together and take care of each other. Whether snowstorms, tornadoes, or bridge collapses, when times are tough we’ve shown that Minnesotans are caring, compassionate and resilient. 

“The budget challenges that will come from the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic are a chance for us to show that we aren’t afraid to take on the latest challenge facing our state. The choices we make now to help us weather this virus, can also set a better course for the future of our communities.

“But we know that certain politicians will try to use this challenge to put forward a plan to cut programs like healthcare and schools, in order to prevent the wealthiest 1% from paying their fair share in taxes. We often hear from politicians – trying to keep the wealthiest from chipping in their fair share – about ‘family budgets’ and ‘tough decisions while sitting around the dinner table.’  But we all know that when Minnesota families face tough financial situations, they don’t decide which kid won’t get to eat, if grandma won’t get the care she needs to survive, or which person in the family won’t have a roof over their head that night. We find ways to get what we need to provide a safe, healthy and happy life to those we care about. Now it’s time for our elected leaders to do the same and showcase a government #WhoCaresForUs as we face this crisis. 

“Minnesotans know that we face challenging times, but we, as a state, are up to the challenge. We’ve taken on big fights before, and come out stronger on the other side. It’s time for the richest 1%, the most profitable corporations, and the handful of politicians that support them, to stop fueling our divisions for their own gain. Instead, we need those at the top to do what the rest of us have always done – chip in to pay their fair share so we can build a state that cares for all of us, no exceptions.”




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