Minnesotans value pitching in together to ensure all of our children and their parents are thriving, regardless of their race, nationality or religion. Some politicians are trying to shift the conversation away from the fact that thousands of families have been put on waiting lists to access affordable childcare for over a decade. This has largely been a consequence of repeated childcare cuts under the previous administration that have continued to benefit the greedy few who don’t want to practice shared abundance like the rest of us.

Now that a few individuals are accused of underhanded activity – including vague allegations stoking fears that lead people to divisive tactics – those who’ve been at fault for short changing Minnesotan families all along are taking the opportunistic moment to shift responsibility from themselves as elected leaders. Some politicians are going to cherry pick data to scapegoat people and programs that make our communities stronger. They want to make it harder for us to work together to solve the challenges facing our families. Their goal has always been to cut and destroy programs that our families rely on so that they can shift those resources to those who need it the least.

We should not forget who is and has been hurt in all this: families in need of relief, who need peace of mind and affordable childcare. It’s time to fully fund the Childcare Assistance Program. Everyone doing their part to pitch in has always been the answer. We have faith that Minnesotans will rise above the divisiveness and fear-mongering to do just that.

Proverbs 20:10
Differing weights and differing measures—
the Lord detests them both.

ISAIAH is a multi-faith, multi-racial, state-wide and nonpartisan faith-based community organizing coalition in Minnesota. Our 200 member and partner congregations create racial and economically equitable communities through intentional, intensive leadership development; collective, faith-based actions; and deep partnerships with grassroots organizations and public servants.

Kids Count on Us
Kids Count on Us is an initiative of ISAIAH and a coalition of over 75 childcare centers with hundreds of providers and parents statewide dedicated to fighting for full funding of Minnesota’s future through early childhood education.