On September 13, 50 clergy from the Jewish, Muslim and Christian faith traditions held a press conference at the State Capitol to launch the Faith in Democracy Campaign in an effort to defeat the voter restriction amendment because of its impact on the elderly, the young, people of color, and the poor.

Rev. Jerry McAffee,surrounded by other clergy, addresses the press.

“If you are in fact a child of God, your faith tradition should not hold back and let this take place,” said Rev. Joseph Baring, St. James AME Church, “Members of my congregation family who are disabled and elderly would not be able to vote under this amendment.”

Religious leaders, gathering as Prophetic Voices, announced their commitment to engage and educate 50,000 people of faith through phone conversations, door-knocking, direct mail and democracy church forums. These events will urge people to vote no on the amendment.

More than 200,000 Minnesotans currently don’t have an ID that our state would consider valid for voting, especially those considered to be the most vulnerable in our society.  Other clergy stated their strong belief that the voter restriction amendment will create barriers to voting, cause division and waste public resources.

“It is a diabolical move to change the landscape of our nation.” – Rev. Jerry McAffee, said President of the MN State Baptist Convention and Policy Board Member of HisWorks United, “It is incumbent to speak with a clear and concise voice and call wrong – wrong.”

* Prophetic Voices is a faith-based initiative that seeks to create a statewide network of clergy and their congregants from various faith traditions who act from a common set of values to create a more just and abundant Minnesota.  Institutional members include Jewish Community Action, ISAIAH, His Works United, and Center for Public Ministry at United Theological Seminary.