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ISAIAH Launches Campaign in Support of Minneapolis Paid Sick Time Ordinance

October 19, 2015

ISAIAH, a faith-based organization representing thousands of people of faith, is committed to creating a more racial and economically just city and state. We are called by God to insist that every person and their labor should be valued. The City of Minneapolis has an opportunity to enact a common sense policy to invest in low-wage workers and their families, ensuring that every worker has access to 5-9 days of paid sick time. Hard working families in Minneapolis should not have to make the impossible choice of choosing between taking care of those they love or providing for their families. This is why ISAIAH will work to mobilize people of faith across Minneapolis in support of a Earned Sick and Safe Time Ordinance.

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Health Experts Say Paid Leave Policies Create Better Health Outcomes

Commissioner of Health, Dr. Edward Ehlinger, and other health experts, joined faith and community leaders at the State Capitol for a press conference to bring attention to a new report released by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) with research that shows paid sick leave, paid family leave and other workplace policies that support job stability play a significant role in improving and supporting the health of families and communities.

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New Coalition Calls on Legislature to Pass Paid Family Leave Program

On February 17, Minnesotans for Paid Family Leave, a new statewide coalition of working families, faith communities, labor, and nonprofit organizations, kicked off a campaign to push for paid family leave for all working Minnesotans. Several Minnesotans affected by leave policies related their families’ experiences. They are among the thousands of Minnesotans who would be helped by a Paid Family Leave program that would provide all Minnesota employees with a percentage of their wages for up to 6 weeks while they are bonding with a new child, caring for an elder or seriously-ill family member, or dealing with pregnancy-related health concerns.

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ISAIAH Leaders Work to Pass Citywide Policies for Paid Sick and Safe Time Off

2015 is an important election year in St. Paul. New members of the City Council and School Board will be elected. In the spirit of being Prophetic Voters and organizing people of faith to positively impact the decisions that are being made that impact our communities and affect our families, this year dozens of ISAIAH leaders and Prophetic Voters who live in St. Paul are doing something new. These leaders are continuing to demonstrate their commitment as Prophetic Voters by raising our shared values of dignity, inclusion, love and racial equity into the electoral conversation at the most grassroots level in order to help ensure that the people who represent us implement and enforce policies that make families in St. Paul more economically secure.

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