John 12:12-13,18-19

“The next day, the news that Jesus was on the way to Jerusalem swept through the city. A large crowd of Passover visitors took palm branches and went down the road to meet him. They shouted,  ‘Praise God! Blessings on the one who comes in the name of the Lord! Hail to the King of Israel!’  
That was the reason so many went out to meet him—because they had heard about this miraculous sign. Then the Pharisees said to each other, ‘There’s nothing we can do. Look, everyone has gone after him!’”

Holy Week is upon us and tomorrow we get to bask in the reminder of the politic of Palm Sunday.

Not only was this a day where the public celebrated Jesus Christ’s ministry and miracles, it was a day that the religious and political leaders of that day were clear about the power of Jesus’ politic. It put Jesus’ opposition in a place where they had to admit that there was “nothing” they could do.

In our current political arena where it is so polarized, it’s easy to forget that being political is a tenet of the Christian faith. Too often, ‘political’ is misunderstood as ‘partisan’. But the Christian call to be political is literally about the mandate to care for the public’s welfare.

This Palm Sunday, let us usher in the traits of Jesus’ ministry, miracles and politic of love, justice and truth into the state of Minnesota.

Qu’ran Reflection

It was narrated that ‘Adiyy bin Hatim said, “I heard the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, say: “Whoever among you can shield himself from the Fire, even with a half date, let him do so.”

To do something for the sake of Allah means to do something without expecting any return from anyone or anything in this world, and to only expect and hope for a reward from Allah. Whether we are giving our money, our food, our ideas, our effort, our time, or our voices, let us give for the sake of Allah. Everyone will surely be compensated for their good deeds. Why not invest now, and enjoy the fruit of your deeds in the next life and world to come? What can you do today for the sake of Allah? Where in your community can you help ensure peoples’ rights are protected? Are you ready to stand for justice? How can you help elevate someone’s socioeconomic status by giving them the tools and the means and the knowledge and the hope to empower and better themselves and others down the road of life?

Capitol Updates

The fight for Paid Leave continues…

Minnesotans of every race, place, creed, and job title shouldn’t have to choose between their paycheck and caring for themselves or their loved ones. The House continues to make progress for Minnesota’s families by hearing Paid Family & Medical Leave (HF1200) and Paid Sick Days (HF7). Friday, after Senate leadership refused to hear the paid leave bill, bill author Sen. Susan Kent and the DFL caucus held a People’s Hearing for SF1205. We are grateful that the stories of need from Minnesotans were heard and we hope that the Senate’s GOP caucus follow suit.

There is still a chance that paid leave gets passed in the final negotiations, so we must continue to remind all of our leadership about the urgency and need to get this done in Minnesota.

Richest Minnesotans Must Pay Their Fair Share

This week, the House passed several important revenue items in committees this week that require the richest Minnesotans pay their fair share. For example, one bill by Rep. Kaohly Vang Her, would add a bump in taxes to the top 2% earners in MN, reversing the 2017 tax cut that the Trump administration gave to the very wealthy. When we make everyone pay their fair share, there IS enough to go around!

Legislature in Recess Next Week

The legislature will be in recess next week. After, we’ll be back and more eager than ever to continue the good fight for the things all Minnesotans need to thrive!

The People’s Hearing for Paid Family & Medical Leave

We all deserve to be able to care for our loved ones and ourselves. On Friday, Minnesotans and champions of paid leave in the MN Senate held a hearing for Paid Family and Medical Leave (SF1205). So far the House has heard and passed their paid leave bill (HF1200) in 8 committees. Senate majority leadership has refused to hear their bill even once!

We all deserve to be able to care for our loved ones and ourselves. We need paid family and medical leave, and a Senate #WhoCaresForUs by passing this critical bill! 

Kids Count On Us Host Lobby Day w/ Lt. Gov.,
And ask state, ‘Why, as essential workers, do we make poverty wages?’

This year’s childcare lobby day was both “cute” (because of the kids ??) and crucial (because of the inexcusable need ?).

Our communities are able to thrive because of childcare professionals. Their perspectives, experiences, and solutions are what our lawmakers must learn from and act on. On Tuesday, leaders from Kids Count On Us with ISAIAH – representing over 500 childcare centers – spoke to legislators about the importance of funding our future by prioritizing childcare. Children at centers even got to hear a story from Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan! A thriving future for Minnesotans of every race, place, and creed is possible when we #FundOurFutures.

Kids Count On Us Childcare Providers Get two OpEds Published!

Just this week two Opinion Editorial (OpEd) articles were published by childcare providers with ISAIAH’s Kids Count On Us!

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TRAINING: Justice For George Floyd, Trials and MPLS Convo Training (statewide)

This is a workshop where participants will dig into best practices for powerful engagement with neighbors, legislators and on social media about how to talk about the continued fight for Justice for George Floyd, the current trial for Derek Chauvin and the state of Minneapolis. While useful for residents of Minneapolis, this training is specifically for leaders, members and Minnesotans outside of Minneapolis, including the suburbs and Greater Minnesota.

We will be learning to the winning narrative framework of Race Class Narrative as well as years of organizing and thousands of recent conversations with Minneapoltans across race, ZIP code and income on creating safe communities beyond policing.

Attention Clergy and Religious Leaders!
Clergy Sign-On Letters

We are collecting signatures of clergy and religious leaders across Minnesotan on two letters:

1. The need to raise revenue and pass a moral budget
2. The need to expand our democracy, giving everyone a voice while combatting Jim Crow era proposals

Upcoming Race Class Narrative Trainings

A place to call home is a human need we all share. Wednesday, ISAIAH and Young Adult Coalition leaders testified in support of the Minneapolis Rent Control Charter Amendments so that regardless of what we look like or have in our wallets, we are treated with dignity and allowed stability. #WhoCaresForUs

Minneapolis Caucus Trainings

We want to invite YOU (and your friends, neighbors, family, church members, or anyone else you know in Minneapolis) to join us at an upcoming virtual event to:

  • Discuss public safety & rent stabilization, specifically what is in the proposed charter amendments with space for questions
  • Dig into why caucuses are so essential this year
  • Get trained concretely on how the virtual caucus process will work
  • Share resources and a mission to invite more people into this effort with us