Hebrews 3:14

“For we are made partakers of Christ, if we hold the beginning of our confidence steadfast unto the end.”

Wowza! Together, we’ve done amazing things. We showed up in record numbers – across race, region and religion – to vote our values. This election season has already felt like it’s a thousand years long and we still have months to go before we swear in our new leaders.

Many of us are feeling the shift and transition, as we ready ourselves for what’s next. For some, this is a time to lean in to God’s restoring power, to be replenished and rejuvenated through our spiritual and communal practices of prayer, fasting, rest and community. For some, this is a strategizing time, as we lean into God’s wisdom and guidance to develop, build and construct the infrastructure to sustain and create in the next chapter.

No matter where you are, remember that we are all still active participants in this journey. That we are called to be steadfast until the end. That we are holding our leaders accountable, loving our neighbors with vigor and being who the Creator made us to be in love, justice and righteousness. Onward.

Qu’ran Reflection

“Oh, believers! Stand firm for justice as witnesses for Allah even if it is against yourselves, your parents, or close relatives. Be they rich or poor, Allah is best to ensure their interests. So do not let your desires cause you to deviate ‘from justice’…”

We have a moral obligation to stand firm for justice regardless if it is against ourselves, our family, or our loved ones. This is a call to be steadfast in upholding equity. Many of us claimed our voices by voting this election season. However, this is not the time to become passive, for it is time we continue to build upon our power. It is time that we continue to hold those around us and, most importantly ourselves, answerable.

True victory will be achieved when we, together, hold the leaders we swear in accountable for creating a government for, by, and of the people.

We have been given a duty by Allah to be the ones who must work and maintain justice in its absolute sense. As a collective, we are called to be steadfast in our moral beliefs of what we know is right and know is justice. There is an obligation we have to enact change for the betterment of our lives and our neighbors’ lives. Together we have the power to make Minnesota into the state we know and believe is possible. Though it might be laborious to hold people and to hold our own self, accountable for making the change we know is possible, we must remember that we are stronger together. The trust Allah has placed in us to be the maintainers of justice is extraordinary, and we need to ensure that we are fulfilling that trust in every action we take. We have work to do, and we will do it together.

This Election Was About Us

by Imam Asad Zaman, Muslim Coalition of ISAIAH

“We have just experienced a historic referendum. Minnesota has gone to the polls and answered the question: Are we going to tolerate greed, and hate, and xenophobia, or are we on the side of love, and tolerance, and unity?

Minnesotans have unequivocally rejected hate, and division, and greed. We have overwhelmingly stated that we want a state that works for everybody. That is everybody without exceptions. There are no throw away people.

Friends, this election was not against a particular politician. It was not even in favor of a particular politician. My friends, this election was about us. The citizens. The people of this state rising up and taking ownership of our democracy.

Our fight does not end because we elect or unelect a particular person to a particular office. Our struggle, our fight, will continue as we hold accountable those who hold elected offices in our name. And we want a state that works for everybody. We do not want people to be oppressed and taken advantage of for the greed of a select few. And we refuse to be pitted against each other.

The multiple organizations that have organized this have held millions and millions of attempts, door knocks, and conversations. And we have held hundreds and thousands across the state. And to everyone who is listening, we have the following message: We are united, we are here, we are not going to stop, and we want a state that works for everybody.”

Claiming Our Voices through Democracy Days!

Thursday, November 19th

Give to the Max Day – next Thursday, Nov. 19 – is the largest online fundraising event in Minnesota. Nonprofits like ISAIAH depend on it.

Your gift today will help us continue the fight to protect our multi-racial democracy and create a Minnesota where we all can thrive. Together we can make a new Minnesota!

Give today by clicking the link below – it’ll be marked as a Give to the Max Day donation!

How to Host a Virtual Thanksgiving

In Minnesota we care for each other. With COVID-19 rates rising, the CDC says the safest way to celebrate Thanksgiving is to bring loved ones together online. We ran across suggestions on ways to host a virtual Thanksgiving being promoted by the State of Oregon and want to share them with you. Also, the Minnesota Department of Health has a list of guidelines you can review by going to the link at the end of this piece.

Plan ahead

  • Cook favorite recipes with relatives via video chat.
  • Choose one person to be your virtual host.
  • Decide how long your celebration will last.
  • Select a tech-savvy person to help others.

Set the mood

  • Mail / drop off festive treats or decorations in advance.
  • Trade sweats for fancier clothes.
  • Decorate with seasonal place settings / centerpieces.
  • Save a place for your webcam so loved ones feel like they’re at your table.

Take Traditions Online

  • Have each household make a slideshow of things they are thankful for.
  • Play board games, trivia, or card games together online.
  • Watch the big game or Macy’s parade together with apps like AirTime, Squad, or HouseParty.

2020 has been a lot. If we left it at a global pandemic that would be enough, but we’ve also seen the rise of the largest demonstrations for racial justice in US history, the highest rate of voter turnout our country has seen, and a significant movement of values and vision at the polls. This year has been a year of leadership from multi-racial movements and organizations led by Black people and people of color – making things like, “Fund Our Lives Beyond Policing” a common concept, creating space for a robust multi-racial democracy, and building power for the long haul.

Join communications practitioners from across the country, including ISAIAH and Faith in Minnesota’s Minister JaNaé Bates, in this live conversation at 7pm CT this Wednesday, Nov. 18th.

What we’ve learned in this pandemic and racial uprising is that when we work together, across race, geography and interests, we are unstoppable! We will loudly declare, “We Make Minnesota: Better off Together.”

*If you are a current political candidate or officially working for a candidate’s campaign, we are unable to accommodate you in this briefing.

 This is What Democracy Looks Like

The Barbershop and Black Congregation Cooperative has worked for years to build a multiracial democracy in Minnesota, and their work this election season is empowering Black voters across Minnesota to claim their voices like never before. This is what democracy looks like! Like and share the BBCC Facebook page to see some joyful updates from awesome democracy-building leaders!