After the 2016 election, members of ISAIAH came together and decided that a new politics was required to powerfully respond to the rise of fear and division in our politics, growing income inequality, and racial inequity in Minnesota.

Our path in 2018 was grounded in a vision and a strategy. Our vision is a Minnesota that embraces everyone no matter what you look like, where you come from, or how you worship. Our vision is a Minnesota where we have a democracy that honors every person’s dignity and an economy that allows all our families to thrive. Our only path to realizing this vision is to nurture, co-create, and invest in a multi-racial democracy, where every community—black, white, brown or indigenous, Muslim or Christian or Jewish, rich or poor—is respected for its unique expression and aligned with others around a mission for the common good.

We can only get there if we have a politics that is people-centered, rooted in the power of communities and accountable to making real people’s lives better. The only way to do this is through deep, rigorous community organizing. Our compass in 2018 was to organize those most impacted by policies and rhetoric meant to sow fear and division in our communities.