Legislation gives power to homeowners and stops unfair foreclosures

250 community leaders, representing tens of thousands of Minnesotans, called on Legislators to pass a strong Homeowners’ Bill of Rights at a rally held at the Capitol rotunda on Wednesday, May 15.

Minnesota Legislators have a historic opportunity to pass a strong Homeowners’ Bill of Rights, which will provide a statewide solution to the statewide crisis of foreclosures. A majority of foreclosures are unnecessary, add significant costs to local governments and can be prevented through the comprehensive policy solution before the Minnesota House and Senate.


Rev. Slack and 25 clergy take a stand to do the right thing for homeowners and those facing foreclosure.

Rev. Paul Slack, President of ISAIAH and pastor of New Creation Church in Minneapolis, backed by 25 clergy members, urged legislators to pass a robust Homeowners’ Bill of Rights.  “Stopping foreclosures is critical for families and critical for people of faith.  We need to have the courage to require financial institutions to do the right thing.”

Mary Cathryn Ricker, an educator, told the crowd that 94,000 children have lost their homes since the beginning of the foreclosure crisis, negatively affecting their education and their futures.  A homeowner facing foreclosure talked about her paperwork continually being lost by the bank and how there is no recourse for her – the banks can do anything they please.

People cheered when homeowner Rose Mcgee announced that her home had just been saved from foreclosure. “This wouldn’t have happened without extraordinary community support, but there are thousands of other Minnesotans without that support system to tap into.  We need this bill.”

Chanting “Hear the bill now,” Pastor Slack led the crowd through the Capitol.  The  event ended with silent prayer at the doorway to the Senate Chambers.

More than 150,000 Minnesota homeowners have lost their homes to foreclosure since 2006.  Communities continue to be devastated by the foreclosure crisis.  In 2012 there were three times more foreclosures than in 2005.

The rally was sponsored by ISAIAH, MN Neighborhoods Organizing for Change (NOC), SEIU and Minnesotans for a Fair Economy.