Clean Water. Safe Air. Healthy Communities.

No matter what we look like or where we come from, we want our families to have the freedom to drink clean water, breathe safe air, and live in healthy communities.

But for too long, a handful of politicians bankrolled by Big Oil have locked us out of decisions, polluting communities based on what we look like or what’s in our wallets.

As we always do here in the Midwest, we’re fighting back.

From Flint to Milwaukee to the Twin Cities, after years of public demands to replace lead water pipes and protect our freedom to drink clean, safe water, progress is happening.

Federal infrastructure funds — and the Inflation Reduction Act — give our cities the money we need to get the job done.It won’t happen overnight and we have to keep pushing.

Together, we’ll demand our leaders ensure everyone’s freedom to drink clean water and thrive, no exceptions.

About Barbershop and Black Congregation Cooperative

BBCC is a coalition of Black congregations and barbershops in Minnesota who are advancing a more just Minnesota for their communities.

For years, barbershops have been staples of communities as they provide both individual and collective empowerment, esteem and moral. These are spaces where people come for physical and communal transformation. At the core, barber and beauty shops foster intentional relationships with community members while also providing a service.

Several Minnesotan shops have chosen to use their collective voice and people power to create the community they know is possible. By operating in the political arena, they are ensuring that the issues that matter most to them are a priority and the communities they serve have the same opportunities to thrive as everyone else.