About Bishop-Elect Julia J. Gibson Reeves

Bishop-Elect Julia J. Gibson Reeves is a member of Dunamis Praise Chapel International, where she serves as Administrator - directly overseeing the affairs of the ministry and is responsible for pastoral care of the congregation. She is the Secretary-General of the Council of World Bishops and the International Council for Clergy. An Evangelist at heart, she is the founder and CEO of Global Reconciliation Ministries in Christ (AKA Julia J. Gibson International Outreach Ministries) - a ministry without borders that partners with other ministries and organizations to promote the gospel and help individuals meet their full potential. She is a mother to many sons and daughters in the Lord. Besides ministry work, she has a collective 32 years of professional experience in corporate America as well as international organizations such as the Israeli Embassy, Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the Africa Development Bank (ADB), and the World Bank. She speaks conversational Spanish but is perfectly bilingual (English/French). The Bishop-Elect is a humanitarian, a preacher, a teacher, a motivational speaker, a mentor. Most especially, she is a practical minister of the Gospel with a passion to serve. 


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