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Parishes in Action - ISAIAH

Parishes in Action

One Body at Work

Sara Marie Moore | Press Publications

St Mary of the Lake took an important step to deepen understanding and involvement by parishioners when nearly 100 members participated in a January 2019 Immigration forum held in the church sanctuary.  Providing additional leadership in this suburban community, St Mary of the Lake had their message of understanding and welcoming immigrants amplified by the White Bear Press.  The extensive coverage began prominently on the front page of a publication that has a circulation of nearly 14,000 households. That’s witnessing our faith.

The Star Tribune published a powerful letter to the editor in July about Ascension Parish worshipping as one body.  The letter writer helped highlight our new narrative about immigrants contributing to a better America.

MN Senator from District 59, Bobby Jo Champion, engaged in a lively dialogue with primarily African American and Latino leaders and constituents on April 28th, 2019, at Church of the Ascension.

Personal stories about the need for access to driver’s licenses and restoring the vote clearly demonstrated the need for such legislation and the benefit that these laws would provide for many MN residents as well as society in general. In addition, those present impressed upon the Senator the need for the state to invest its resources in programs and policies that benefit ALL Minnesotans.