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Minneapolis Has Long Been Fractured by Racial Inequity. Can a New Mayor Change That? | The Nation – 9/22/14

Mayor Betsy Hodges wants to make Minneapolis live up to its progressive hype.

Gabriel Thompson
September 3, 2014 | This article appeared in the September 22, 2014 edition of The Nation.

On the afternoon of May 22, 2011, a tornado with winds reaching 125 miles per hour touched down in North Minneapolis, long the African-American center of the city. The quick-moving storm uprooted trees, downed power lines and sheared the roofs from houses. One person was killed and hundreds left homeless in the biggest natural disaster to strike the city in decades.

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Redlining: Banks Still Restricting Home Loans In “Non-White” Areas | The Uptake – 4/15/14

By: Sheila Regan and Bill Sorem | April 15, 2014

Members of Neighborhoods Organizing for Change (NOC), ISAIAH, and Minnesotans for a Fair Economy stood together outside Minneapolis City Hall to accuse banks of continuing to “red-line” communities of color and refusing to refinance sub-prime mortgages from 2009-2012. Accompanying the activists and researchers were three Minneapolis City Council members — Blong Yang, Elizabeth Glidden and Cam Gordon, all of whom called for something to be done.

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Eyeing racial disparities, schools trying to cut down on suspensions | Minnesota Public Radio News – 4/15/14

Tim Post · St. Paul, Minn. ·

Aiming to change school discipline policies that disproportionately suspend students of color, school districts in Minnesota are trying alternatives to kicking kids out of school.

According the Minnesota Department of Education, nearly 60 percent of suspensions and expulsions last year were of black, Latino, Asian, Native American and other students of color, even though they’re only a quarter of the student population.

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Transit equity means more than light rail | Star Tribune Commentary – 4/11/14

Article by: Dan McGrath and Paul Slack
April 11, 2014 – 6:53 PM

The debate surrounding Southwest light-rail transit (SWLRT) shouldn’t be confined to rerouting freight rail and shallow tunnels.  Wouldn’t we be better served by figuring out how light rail can be a catalyst for equitable transit across the 16-mile corridor? A discussion like that would help cork the fight over rail alignment and transform it into one that is far more constructive and economically beneficial for the region — and most notably for Minneapolis.

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Twin Cities religious leaders call for an end to mass student suspensions | – 3/7/14

Posted by: Kim McGuire Updated: March 7, 2014 – 4:38 PM

A coalition of religious leaders, parents and teachers on Thursday called for Minnesota schools to pass a moratorium on suspensions, citing the fact that students of color are disciplined much more frequently than white students.

Members of ISAIAH said they want to end the “school to prison pipeline” that occurs when students of color are systematically suspended or expelled.

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