Position Opening: Campus Political Organizer

ISAIAH is seeking a Campus Political Organizer to work on a full time, temporary basis from
May 1 through November 30, 2018. The Campus Political Organizer will work on college
campuses to organize teams around critical issues such universal healthcare, immigration reform,
just solution to climate change, and/or tuition free public colleges and student debt forgiveness.
The Campus Political Organizer will also work to register and turnout students to vote and
engage in the political process.

To read the job description, click here.

Statement Regarding Viral Islamophobic Attack on Faith and Democracy

A video of an ISAIAH Muslim faith leader, Iman Asad Zaman and a lead organizer, Laura Johnson, conducting a caucus training went viral with many heinous, verbal attacks on faith and democracy.

Statement Regarding Viral Islamophobic Attack on Faith and Democracy

ST. PAUL – Jan. 30, 2018 — We are honored to work with the Muslim faith community on our common values and our vision for Minnesota. We are partnering with Muslim people across Minnesota because we all share a commitment to dignity in democracy and an economy that cares for all of us. This work of encouraging civic participation has provoked some politicians and people to launch a divisive and hateful attack on Muslim people’s right and responsibility to engage fully and powerfully in our civic life. As people of faith, we repudiate and reject any attempt to bully or threaten people to keep people of faith silent. This is a danger to the well-being of people and it is toxic to our democracy.

ISAIAH is working to engage thousands of people of faith to participate in our democracy in Minnesota in 2018. As people of faith we are called to work together for a democracy that honors the dignity of all people and an economy that allows all Minnesota families to thrive. We have been involved in this work for years and faith leaders across the state, including Greater Minnesota cities like Wilmar and Saint Cloud, have been creating partnerships and neighborliness with Muslim communities.

From the beginning, we knew that some people would seek to divide us to distract us from creating the future all of us deserve. Last night, a video of an ISAIAH Muslim faith leader and a lead organizer conducting a caucus training went viral with many heinous, verbal attacks on faith and democracy. Indeed, that strategy of divide and conquer has begun.

Instead, we will celebrate, with joy and determination our path as people of faith towards a future where all Minnesotans are treated with dignity and respect.

We hope all Minnesotans of good faith will stand with us.


ISAIAH is a statewide, faith-based, nonpartisan organization for Christians, people of faith, and congregations to act and fight faithfully for racial and economic justice in Minnesota.

ISAIAH Statement on Federal Government “Deal” to Extend Funding

ST. PAUL, Jan. 23, 2018 — Yesterday, Congress voted to pass a short-term continuing resolution to fund government operations through February 8.

We lament this failure of leadership on the part of both major parties.

Republicans, who control Congress as well as the White House, have failed for months to fund CHIP, an essential healthcare program serving 9 million children. In addition, they have failed to protect the lives of 800,000 young people who were born in another country and were protected under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Republican leadership have divisively and maliciously pitted the lives and health of these two groups of young people against each other.

Democrats, including Minnesota Senators Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith, once again have failed to stand up for our immigrant brothers and sisters, and have caved on this false choice in the Republican’s cynical ploy. They caved in with no real assurance of a clean DREAM Act that would protect immigrant youth. They caved in without winning other important priorities like disaster relief funding for Americans in Puerto Rico and Virgin Island. In the meantime, over 122 Dreamers lose their status every day and face urgent danger of deportation and detention because DACA was not addressed in today’s deal.

Our faith calls us to lament these actions on the part of our elected officials. We will continue to bear witness and hold them accountable to their actions which violate our faith values. We will continue to organize to transform our communities, our state and our nation.



Position Opening: Childcare Organizer

ISAIAH is seeking a Community Organizer to build relationships with childcare center owners in key regions of Minnesota for the purpose of building a state-wide movement of parents, early childhood workers and childcare centers to join the fight for affordable and high quality childcare for all Minnesotans.  Fluency in Spanish and/or Somali preferred.  All applicants must have reliable transportation, a driver’s license and be able to show proof of valid auto insurance. Read full job description here. Send cover letter and resume by December 18, 2017 to: 

Position Opening: Southern MN Immigration Organizer

ISAIAH has grant funded openings for Organizers to work full time through December 2018 to prepare faith communities in Southern MN to build capacity to powerfully engage in a large-scale mobilization and civic engagement effort in the 2018 political season. Successful applicants will work with ISAIAH staff organizers to build congregational programs and house meetings to recruit volunteers, develop capacity and leadership and define a series of racial and economic justice campaigns, and lead civic engagement efforts across Greater Minnesota rooted in our values and agenda. Fluency in Spanish and English required. Significant evening and weekend work will be required.  Read full job description here.

Send resume and cover letter to:


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