Health Experts Say Paid Leave Policies Create Better Health Outcomes

Commissioner of Health, Dr. Edward Ehlinger, and other health experts, joined faith and community leaders at the State Capitol for a press conference to bring attention to a new report released by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) with research that shows paid sick leave, paid family leave and other workplace policies that support job stability play a significant role in improving and supporting the health of families and communities.

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Health Experts Say Raising Wages Will Create Better Health Outcomes in Minnesota

Commissioner of Health Dr. Edward Ehlinger and Representative Tina Liebling joined ISAIAH president Rev. Paul Slack at the State Capitol for a press conference to bring attention to the health impacts of low wage work and broaden the debate around ending poverty wages in Minnesota.

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Health reform on right track, but we’re not finished yet | Twin Cities Daily Planet – 4/3/13

By Andrea Parrott, TC Daily Planet
April 02, 2013

Reverend Sarah Campbell’s faith compels her to fight for health reform. “It’s completely unjust,” she said of the current health care system. Campbell is the lead minister of Mayflower Church in Minneapolis. Every minister can tell stories, she said, about challenges their parishioners have faced trying to obtain health care.

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Video: Investing in Communities, Transforming Lives: The Minneapolis-St. Paul Light Rail Project

Community-based organizations in Minnesota played a major role in improving access to healthy options for low-income communities in St. Paul.

In this Robert Wood Johnson Foundation video, watch how the addition of three stops will accomplish this in the construction of the Light Rail Project that will connect Minneapolis to St. Paul starting in 2014.

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MN VOICES | Addressing health inequities in Minnesota takes engagement from regular people | Twin Cities Daily Planet – 12/24/12

By Andrea Parrott, TC Daily Planet
December 24, 2012

Health disparities implies something that is just there, Doran Schrantz explained. Health inequities, on the other hand, implies a societal structure that produces inequality. “We need a structure that brings more equity,” Schrantz said as she described the differences in terms.

Doran Schrantz is the executive director of ISAIAH, a faith-based nonprofit organization. ISAIAH is a partnership of around 100 congregations throughout Minnesota that advocate for racial and economic equality. Schrantz values people and organizations working together toward a main goal: the wellbeing of people regardless of race and across all areas of life, including economic, education, and health. Her efforts towards such a goal and the efforts of ISAIAH gained recognition in October when Schrantz became one of ten people to receive the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Young Leader Award: Recognizing Leadership for a Healthier America.

Twin Cities Daily Planet spoke with Schrantz about health inequities in Minnesota and how people can help. The edited text of the interview is below.

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