Become a More Effective and Powerful Person!

Become a More Effective and Powerful Person!

ISAIAH’s 2018 Weeklong Leadership Training

Each year, ISAIAH hosts training for approximately 100 leaders from the faith and labor community, electoral politics, public officeholders and grassroots leaders who seek to be more effective organizers in their communities, churches, or workplace.

ISAIAH’s Weeklong Leadership Training blends the best of traditional organizing models with emerging innovation. Over the course of the week, leaders are provided with the tools and skills to become more effective at creating transformative change in their community – teaching ordinary people to unleash their capacity to impact the social, political, environmental, and economic decisions affecting their lives.

Sunday, June 17 through Friday, June 2, 2018
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Rochester, Minnesota
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Click here to download a copy of the 2018 Weeklong Leadership Training  brochure

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Claiming Our Voices House Meeting – Complete Tool-Kit

As people of faith we know that we are all inextricably linked and accountable to one another as brothers and sisters.  At our core, we believe in the dignity and sacredness of all people and that we have a duty to ensure we individually and collectively live to our fullest purpose in the abundance that God has given us. Our core beliefs and values are being violated in these times as our families and communities are under constant threat by divisive corporate power and structural racism. Our governmental systems, created to be run for and by the people, have been flooded with these same powers and principalities. This deterioration of moral value and spiritual integrity must end with us. With Claiming Our Voices House Meetings, through transformational conversations with our friends, family and neighbors, we will anchor the hearts, mind, and soul of Minnesota on a path toward God’s will of a just, equitable and healed community.

Let us support you on this path! Let us know you plan to host a house meeting by clicking here.

The next step to taking this ambitious and powerful path with us is to download this easy-to-use Tool-Kit.


Help ISAIAH build a healthy, just, and vital Minnesota, a place where all of us have the chance to thrive.

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