ISAIAH’s Prophetic Resistance: September 9, 2017

ISAIAH’s Prophetic Resistance: September 9, 2017

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For I was hungry and you gave me food,
I was thirsty and you gave me drink,
a stranger and you welcomed me.” 

Matthew 25:35

This scripture in Matthew goes on to tell us that when we do these acts for others, for those in our society who are considered the “least of these,” we do it for Christ. Let us all seize the opportunity to feed, help and welcome our neighbors. What we do for them, for each other, we do for the Divine.

Until All Are Free! Fighting for DACA & 11 Million Immigrants

The Trump Administration ended Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), the program for people who were brought as undocumented children to the United States by undocumented parents. For those who qualified, DACA provided protection from deportation and a social security number that enabled them to obtain a two-year (renewable) work permit and a driver’s license. In Minnesota, 6,300 children and young adults are on DACA. Across the country, approximately 800,000 people currently participate in DACA. Read ISAIAH’s press statement on the decision to rescind this program.

In the midst of this terrible news, communities came together in an awesome illustration of power, hope, faith and strength. “I am not afraid of what’s happening. I think it is time that this happened. I am blessed that DACA happened and I’m blessed that it gave me a voice, but it is also not good enough for our communities,” Catalina Morales and ISAIAH organizer said. “Our communities want reform. I want my parents to have documents the way I’ve been able to succeed in my life.”

Immigrant communities, allies and ISAIAH will spend the next six months doing all we can to replace the insufficient and temporary system of DACA with a comprehensive and compassionate immigration policy that covers Dreamers and the courageous men and women that risked their lives for their children’s future. As Catalina said during Tuesday’s rally, “We’re fighting for people that have contributed their whole lives to this country.”

For more local news on DACA and the rally, check out these news articles: 

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WCCO TV:  ‘It’s Evil’: Dreamers Frightened By Trump’s Anti-DACA Move


This week 50 people rallied at Rep. Jason Lewis’s office and prayed for all families who have been torn apart through detention and deportation and urged Rep. Lewis to support DACA.

CALL TO ACTION:  Call your Member of Congress and Senators and tell them to not ONLY support a clean DREAM Act but and comprehensive and compassionate immigration reform. (Who Represents Me? Using your address, the district finder will retrieve a list of your representatives with contact information. Note: It’s more effective to call the local office of your Member of Congress.)

Betty McCollum  651-224-9191
Rick Nolan 218-464-5095
Tim Walz 507-388-2149
Collin Peterson 218-847-5056
Tom Emmer 763-241-6848
Jason Lewis 888-216-4934
Keith Ellison  612-522-1212
Erik Paulson 952-405-8510


Witnessing the Destruction of a Family

“Today we waited and prayed for Jose and his family as he sought the answer to the question of his deportation. His son stood motionless and silent while we all waited for the stranger behind the door to render his judgment.

The stranger didn’t know Jose. He didn’t know his sons or his wife who is seeing doctors for kidney health. The stranger knew virtually nothing of Jose’s 27 years here, his work, his faith community, his family. Yet the stranger was empowered to make a decision and he decided. The stranger, in a setting that was as still and calm as a bank lobby decided that Jose’s life of 27 years, as he has known it, would end.

The ‘banality of evil’ was what we witnessed today. There were no police officers, no armed vehicles, just paperwork and the destruction of a family. That is the America that most people don’t see but is the constant reality of immigrants.

It is bureaucrats, paper pushers, people going back to their families at the end of the day, maybe taking them to Church on Sunday, quietly, efficiently, destroying other people’s families with the stroke of a pen. This is who we are.”

– From a Facebook post by ISAIAH’s Rev. Grant Stevensen, Aug. 31, 2017



Claiming Our Voices Launch Event

For the last several months, we have been united in prophetic resistance. You have made calls. You have marched. You have united in song in the offices of members of Congress. You kept health care from being decimated. You soundly defeated the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce in their efforts to roll back victories on paid sick leave. You passed $15 an hour in the city of Minneapolis and are on a similar path in St. Paul.

In 2018, we will unite in love and solidarity across race, region, class, and gender to ensure that those running for public offices in Minnesota make concrete commitments to move closer toward what Martin Luther King once called the Beloved Community, a community where all are valued, protected, and cared for, no matter what.

Our first step involves having thousands of conversations with people in our churches and communities across the state about what they most need from elected officials, and what they most hope for as we make decisions about who will lead in Minnesota in 2018 and beyond.

We need you to be one of hundreds of people who lead these conversations in homes, church basements, and other forums across the state. On Saturday, September 23, we are gathering from 9 to 3 p.m. at Cross of Glory Lutheran Church (5929 Brooklyn Blvd., Brooklyn Center) to prepare ourselves to lead uncommon and transformative conversations that allow us to name our pain and claim our voice.  Registration required (lunch provided).

“Songs for Sanctuary” Fundraising Event: Saturday, Sept 16 at 7 pm

Join Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church for “Songs for Sanctuary,” a fundraiser to respond with beauty and support to the needs of immigrants in our midst.  Money raised will go to local sanctuary and immigration reform efforts, including the work of ISAIAH, The English Learning Center, and material support to congregations providing sanctuary in Minnesota. Kid friendly, free to attend, donations appreciated. More information is available on Our Saviour’s Facebook page. Location: Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, 2315 Chicago Ave in Minneapolis.

We have been called for such a time as this!

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