ISAIAH’s Prophetic Resistance: Week of May 26, 2017

ISAIAH’s Prophetic Resistance: Week of May 26, 2017

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ISAIAH’s Prophetic Resistance Campaign
News and Actions for the Week of May 26

The Governor called for a Special Session since the Legislature had not finished its work by the Monday deadline. Both the House and Senate finally finished passing their budget bills about 3 am Friday morning. The Governor has said he will sign or veto the bills by midnight Tuesday, May 30.

This Week at the Capitol

Over the past week, hundreds of ISAIAH clergy and people of faith engaged with the Minnesota legislature. Together with our allies, we stood for Minnesota and Minnesota values. Many of us were present in the halls of the Capitol and in the Governor’s office with those who kept vigil, day and night, against the exclusion of our immigrant neighbors. And, many of us made calls to the Governor and legislators asking that the bills moving through the Legislature be changed by legislators or vetoed by the Governor.

We showed up to protect people who work every day, people who use MNCare and longterm care, people who ride buses, people who need paid sick time to be with their families, people who are concerned for their land and water – people showed up to protect people and that is what moral citizens do for each other. Together with our allies, we stood for Minnesota and Minnesota values.

The bills, passed by the legislature, plunder our shared resources to benefit the wealthy and corporations, and are detrimental to workers and families. They starve our transit system and the education of our children. They place into law discrimination against immigrants. They take away the hard-won paid sick and safe days from 150,000 Minnesotans. They end our “best in the nation” health care system for lower income families.

Call to Action:  Call Governor Dayton (651-201-3400) and tell him to veto everything and have the legislature start over from scratch!

Driver’s Licenses for Immigrants

In a rally late Thursday evening, the Immigrants’ Rights community, including ISAIAH, called for a boycott of the DFL’s Humphrey-Mondale dinner if Gov. Mark Dayton did not agree to meet with them. This group held a peaceful assembly and occupation of the governor’s office from Tuesday afternoon through Friday morning, asking that the Governor meet with them regarding the Public Safety Budget Bill. After 52 hours of zero contact from Dayton, even with several of the participants on a hunger strike, they sent a letter to him declaring that he has until the projected special session deadline of 7am Friday. You can read the full letter to Governor Dayton here and view the full video of the rally here.

In years’ past, immigrants did not have to show their immigration documents to obtain a Minnesota driver’s license. Former Governor Tim Pawlenty’s administration changed this through administrative rules. Immigrants and allies across Minnesota have spent years in grassroots efforts to create safe roads and communities for all Minnesotans by reinstating drivers’ licenses for all. The bill passed by the legislature on Tuesday slams the door closed on immigrants hoping to legally drive by effectively putting the immigrant driver’s license ban into state law.

Call to Action:  Call the Governor (651-201-3400) and tell him to veto HF470, the Public Safety bill, because of its anti-immigrant language.

Victory Preserving Local Control & Stopping Preemption

All session, the powerful big business lobby pushed a bill that would have stolen paid sick days from 150,000 workers and prevented any local government from passing better workplace standards than exist at the state level. This was an attack on local democracy and would have shifted more power out of the hands of working people and into the hands of big corporations.

ISAIAH, along with our partner organizations, played a key role in passing city Paid Sick Leave ordinances last year, and we were again at the forefront of fighting this corporate power grab at the legislature. Thousands of ISAIAH leaders took prophetic action to win. We came to rallies, testified in hearings, spoke at press conferences, called our legislators, held vigils and fought back.

During the final hours of the Special Session, Republican legislative leadership loaded up the preemption bill with many important things for working families, including new protections from wage theft, paid parental leave for state employees and even pension contributions for retirees. Representative Peter Fischer spoke powerfully about why his faith prevented him from voting for the bill. See the clip here.

To his credit, Governor Dayton has vowed to veto the bill even though the toxic preemption bill is tied to many important benefits and protections.

Call to Action: Call the Governor and thank him for his vow to VETO the corporate power grab bill, preemption that would steal paid sick days from 150,000 workers.


Rev. Janaé Bates leads a prayer in the Governor’s office Wednesday evening. To see more videos and photos from the many actions this past week, visit ISAIAH’s Facebook page.



Elected Officials Contact Information

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Governor’s Office – 651-201-3400 / Toll Free: 800-657-3717

We have been called for such a time as this!

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