ISAIAH’s Prophetic Resistance: Week of May 12

ISAIAH’s Prophetic Resistance: Week of May 12

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ISAIAH’s Prophetic Resistance Campaign
News and Actions for the Week of May 12

At our Prophetic Resistance gathering in January, over 2,000 people of faith committed to counter the hate and tyranny being unleashed in the nation by participating in 100 Days of Prophetic Action — making a daily commitment to fight for moral issues like affordable healthcare or education equity and against immoral agendas like predatory lending or the for-profit prison industrial complex. 


Read about some of the prophetic actions we’ve taken this week and find ideas on prophetic actions you can take this coming week.

Mother’s Day Vigil for Our Families’ Healthcare

ISAIAH leaders and clergy held a healthcare vigil at Rep. Erik Paulsen’s office in Eden Prairie. Through prayer and the sharing of our healthcare stories, we let Rep. Paulsen know that a vote to conveniently kill people will not be tolerated on our watch. Last week he voted for the American Health (Wealth) Care Act which, if enacted, will result in the loss of health insurance for tens of millions of Americans. This inhumane, dangerous, and sinful policy would cause the preventable deaths of countless Minnesotans.

To learn more about the impact this legislation would have on Minnesotans, read Andy Slavitt’s response to the commentary written by Rep. Erik Paulsen to justify his vote in support of the ACA repeal bill. Slavitt was the acting administrator for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and lives in Paulsen’s district.

Constitutional crisis puts our democracy at risk!

President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey this week, compromising the only credible investigation into his and his administration’s ties to Russia. Trump fired Comey on the advice of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who was forced to recuse himself from Russia-focused investigations because he lied under oath about his own conversations with Russian officials.

Call to Action:  Call Senator Amy Klobucher (612-727-5220) and Senator Al Franken (651- 221-1016) and ask them to use all the tools they have available to demand an independent commission to investigate the Trump administration.

Hands Off Our Ride! RALLY at the Capitol
Tues., May 16, 6:00 pm at the Rice Street light rail stop

The MN Legislature has been trying to push through a budget that does not include enough money for transit and would impact everyone who uses public transit. If passed, Metro Transit will be forced to increase fares by as much as 50 cents. Some routes will be cut out altogether and others will run less often and for fewer hours. These cuts would have a devastating impact on low-income folks, communities of Color, the elderly, and the handicapped who depend on Metro Mobility.

The proposed amount for transit funding will hurt Tom Untiedt’s access to MetroMobility. Tom, a member of Valley of Peace Lutheran Church in Golden Valley, spoke at a press conference this week to urge the Minnesota Legislature to fully fund transit.  Pictured (left to right) ISAIAH leaders Joe Cherra, Tom Untiedt and Tom’s service dog, Tabor.

Call to Action: Call the Governor at 651-201-3400 and tell him to veto any bill that doesn’t fully fund transit.



Healthcare in Minnesota

The Governor vetoed the troubling Health & Human Services Omnibus Bill so it’s been sent back to the legislature.

Call to Action: Call the Governor (651-201-3400), Rep. Matt Dean (651-296-3018) and Sen. Michelle Benson (651-296-3219) and tell them to pass a bill that does not push children and families off Medicaid, preserves MinnesotaCare, and prevents the theft of public assets from non-profit health insurance companies.

Local Control (Preemption)

Our calls, prayers and actions are working! The Governor announced that he would veto preemption legislation that ends local governments’ ability to raise minimum wages or require employers to provide paid time off in their cities. However, he indicated that there could be unlikely scenarios that would change his mind. Our efforts have clearly helped move the needle, but we must continue being vigilant. Nothing should stop him from protecting Minnesotans from corporate interference.

Call to Action:  Call the Governor at 651-201-3400. Thank him for standing strong on local control and encourage him to not trade it away.


REAL ID is still lingering in the conference committee. Unnecessary and harmful language in the House bill slams the door on immigrant hopes to restore access to driver’s licenses through administrative action which is how driver’s licenses were taken away under Governor Pawlenty. Similar language to restrict access to driver’s licenses has also been inserted into the Judiciary funding bill.

Call to Action:  Call the Governor 651-201-3400 and urge him to veto any bill that restricts the administration’s ability to restore access to driver’s license for undocumented immigrants.


Elected Officials Contact Information

Who Represents Me? – Using your address, the district finder will retrieve a list of your representatives with contact information. Note: It’s more effective to call the local office of your Member of Congress.

Governor’s Office – 651-201-3400 / Toll Free: 800-657-3717

We have been called for such a time as this!

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