ISAIAH’s Prophetic Resistance: Week of Apr 28, 2017

ISAIAH’s Prophetic Resistance: Week of Apr 28, 2017

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ISAIAH’s Prophetic Resistance Campaign
News and Actions for the Week of April 28

At our Prophetic Resistance gathering in January, over 2,000 people of faith committed to counter the hate and tyranny being unleashed in the nation by participating in 100 Days of Prophetic Action — making a daily commitment to fight for moral issues like affordable healthcare or education equity and against immoral agendas like predatory lending or the for-profit prison industrial complex. 

Read on and find ideas on prophetic actions you can take this week.

Stealing Paid Sick Time through Preemption

Last week, the Minnesota Senate passed the preemption bill, a corporate power grab to steal paid sick time from 150,000 workers in St. Paul and Minneapolis and ban cities from passing a minimum wage increase.

Call to Action:  Friday afternoon, Gov. Dayton confirmed on MPR that he doesn’t have a plan to Veto the Preemption bill. Our questions are: What trade off could one possibly consider for 150,000 families’ sick time? What consolation prize is worth the dignity of a fair wage? What concession supports the theft of the democracy of Minnesota?

Call him today at 651-201-3400. Tell him to VETO preemption and not use it in any trade. This legislation hurts families and it’s bad for Minnesota.

Repeal Bill for Affordable Care Act

The American Wealth Care Act (AHCA) is trying for a comeback and it’s worse than the first! Not only are they trying again to kick 24 million Americans off of their health care, they’re now trying to end protections for pre-existing conditions as well. We must shut it down like the we did in March! They want to rush this through by May 5 and the vote could be as early as MONDAY.

Call to Action: Three major players are from Minnesota — Congressmen Jason Lewis (CD-02), Tom Emmer (CD-06) and Erik Paulsen (CD-03). They all supported the first Wealth Care plan. If you’re in their district, call Paulsen at (763) 307-2574, call Lewis at (651) 337-4852, call Emmer at (763) 308-3451.

Also, see Shari Wadleigh of Northfield’s awesome Letter to the Editor about Lewis. He has publicly told us, again and again, that he will not cut protections for pre-existing conditions. Is he being honest with us? We must make calls to him, reminding him of his words AND watch closely on how he votes and responds in this moment.


Transit Funding

Legislative Proposal to Slash Funding Would Force 40% Cut to Bus & Rail Service Across the Region

Under legislation that has already passed in the House, all 151 Metro Transit express and local bus routes would either be reduced or eliminated – up to 70 routes could disappear entirely.

The proposed legislation also explicitly limits any future light rail expansion and bars the Met Council from using funds for the Southwest Green Line Extension.  Negotiations are underway at the State Capitol. Don’t wait to raise your voice.

Call to Action: Tell Governor Dayton and your state legislators to reject transit cuts and fund better transportation options for the metro and for all Minnesotans.

International Day for Workers & Immigrants March:  May 1st

Join with millions of people across the country who will march and strike on Monday! There will be a call on Gov. Dayton to veto the preemption bill and on the city of Minneapolis to pass a $15 minimum wage.

The march starts at 4 pm at East Phillips Park, 2307 17th Ave S in Minneapolis. Join us in a show of worker and immigrant solidarity to demand a preemption veto, $15 minimum wage for all workers, protection for immigrants, and more.

Prophetic Resistance Celebration & Action:  Thurs, May 4; 11:15 am – Noon

When you stand for justice, you stand with God!

Join ISAIAH clergy in an action to celebrate our 100 days of Prophetic Resistance! Congregations from the Twin Cities, metro area and Greater Minnesota will gather for a “Triune Prophetic Worship for Justice” at the Capitol.

Three simultaneous services of prayer, singing, scripture reading and sermons will take place at three very important locations for the people of Minnesota. They will be focused on lamenting the current injustices and moral violations represented in recent policies and politics, as well as celebrating the prophetic vision of justice, love and humanity that people of faith know is possible.

This Thursday, the faith of the Church will come out of their own buildings and into the building that belongs to all Minnesotans, of every creed – the Capitol. (75 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, St. Paul)

Tony Cornish on the Bible and Prison

At a committee hearing last Tuesday, State Representative and Public Safety Chair, Tony Cornish, was upset after ISAIAH’s Lars Negstad quoted Luke 4:18-19, when Jesus speaks on setting the captives freed. Cornish has his own take on the Bible.


Elected Officials Contact Information

Who Represents Me? – Using your address, the district finder will retrieve a list of your representatives with contact information. Note: It’s more effective to call the local office of your Member of Congress.

Governor’s Office – 651-201-3400 / Toll Free: 800-657-3717

We have been called for such a time as this!

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