ISAIAH’s Prophetic Resistance: Week of Mar 31, 2017

ISAIAH’s Prophetic Resistance: Week of Mar 31, 2017

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ISAIAH’s Prophetic Resistance Campaign
News and Actions for the Week of March 31

Congratulations! Your funding of community organizations, phone calls, letters, conversations, Facebook posts, Tweets, and community actions saved thousands of lives by stopping the American Health (Wealth) Care Act from passing in Congress. Organizing works!

We need your help TODAY – DON’T DELAY!  Tell Governor Dayton to VETO reinsurance!  Call before Monday!

Leave a message for Governor Dayton urging him to VETO reinsurance and fight for the MinnesotaCare Buy-In Option. Governor Dayton has until Monday to Veto this bill, call him TODAY at 651-201-3400.

The Minnesota legislature passed the “reinsurance” bill, a $542 million giveaway to health insurance companies. This corporate welfare bill raids $400 million from a fund to provide healthcare to low-income Minnesotans, reversing scriptural mandates to take care of those in need. To make matters worse, the insurance industry has refused to provide any guarantees that this funding will be used to lower insurance premiums or increase provider choice, and the program itself will be overseen by a board this is stacked by the industry.

Minnesotans need real health care solutions, not massive subsidies to health insurance companies. For more information on the MinnesotaCare Buy-In Option, check out this commentary by a group of medical doctors published this week.

Kids Count on Us

We have a $1.65 billion surplus and the national news out of Minnesota is the cutting of funds that go to small children and their families. It’s unconscionable not to invest more in our future by expanding Pre-K and fully funding childcare assistance. Nothing gets better results than caring for our children and granting them the opportunity to reach their God-given potential. Call your state legislators and tell them you want expanded Pre-K and to fully fund the childcare assistance program. Tell them you don’t want our kids to pay the price for political games in St. Paul.


The Senate passed a REAL ID bill this week without the anti-immigrant language that is in the House bill. No date has been set yet for when the bills will go to conference committee. We will be watching this closely.


“Saint Joan of Arc Catholic Community here at the Capitol today supporting our Muslim brothers and sisters at Muslim Day at the Capitol. This is America. This is love. Encounter our neighbors.”   – Mary Jo Malecha

Sarah, an ISAIAH faith leader in Northfield, called out Rep. Jason Lewis for lack of town halls and face-to-face meetings with concerned constituents via a Letter to Editor in February. She noted that as a working mother of four, she was willing to take a day off work to go to Lewis’ office with the hope of speaking with him or his staff about her concerns, to no avail. Lewis responded yesterday, claiming only “progressives” want town halls with him and he refuses to give his constituents that space. Well, Minnesotans seem to be holding their own town hall on the webpage where Congressman Lewis’ rebuttal is located. Check out the comments section. Sarah Weeks’ heartfelt letter to editor. Congressman Jason Lewis’ rebuttal.


Elected Officials Contact Information

Who Represents Me? – Using your address, the district finder will retrieve a list of your representatives with contact information. Note: It’s more effective to call the local office of your Member of Congress.

Governor’s Office – 651-201-3400 / Toll Free: 800-657-3717


We have been called for such a time as this!

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