Today, we are facing a profound crisis.  As people of faith we must come together and make a choice. A choice of complicity to violence and dehumanization or a choice of prophetic resistance through our faith. Through our faith, we have a unique and prophetic vision for the future that oppressive systems cannot overpower. Join on Saturday, January 28, from 1-4 p.m. at Shiloh Temple International Ministries, 1201 W Broadway Ave in Minneapolis. Register:

We will:

  • Prepare our prophetic resistance.
  • Pray, worship, lament and repent together for the moment we are facing as a people, state, and country.
  • Build our collective ability to resist dehumanization, violence, and fear.
  • Build our vision for life and abundance in our communities.
  • Build our strength and conviction toward the kind of prophetic resistance we will need in the coming years.
  • We will call on our Governor, mayors and national representatives to resist with us and to declare Sanctuary and safe, healthy communities for all people in Minnesota.