Proposed Ordinance represents a compromise and responds to the
crisis facing Minneapolis working families

ISAIAH leaders are celebrating the progress that has been made in Minneapolis towards a comprehensive earned sick and safe time policy. We are pleased that the council has adopted the recommendations of the Workplace Partnership Group, and we believe that the proposed earned sick and safe time ordinance represents a compromise reached through intentional dialogue between community members, workers and businesses in Minneapolis.

The proposed ordinance is a culmination of more than a year of powerful organizing by ISAIAH, Neighborhoods Organizing for Change (NOC), CTUL, SEIU Local 26 and TakeAction Minnesota. We are proud to have played a crucial supporting role in these efforts.

Since October, more than 500 ISAIAH leaders and clergy in Minneapolis have directly engaged their city council members through public meetings and phone calls, urging the council to lead for our families. We recognize the moral crisis facing our city as more than 123,000 workers lack access to paid sick time to care for themselves or families, and we are pleased that the council has taken a powerful step towards a strong earned sick and safe time policy that provides Minneapolis workers with enough hours to care for themselves and their loved ones.