ISAIAH led a 60-person pilgrimage to “Faith Matters in America,” a summit organized by PICO National Network to examine the ways that faith and inspiration can “reawaken” America’s moral conscience to see, honor and value all of God’s creation, especially families suffering from the sins of racism, economic exclusion and exploitation.

tumblr_nvaey45F7h1uhtjivo1_1280The summit overlapped with Pope Francis’ visit to Philadelphia where the pilgrims held public prayer services, vigils, marches and rallies throughout the city to demand justice in the workplace and in the immigration and criminal justice systems. In addition, the group witnessed Francis’ address on religious liberty at Independence Hall and participated in the Papal Mass held with 2 million people.

“There is no doubt that Pope Francis deeply moved the hearts and minds of the American People with this profound embrace of immigrants, of prisoners, of the people who are not seen and people whose pain we’ve come to see as normal. His presence alone was a call to action to renew our society from within,” said Catalina Morales, ISAIAH organizer who led the delegation.

ISAIAH’s pilgrimage to Philadelphia was a deeply spiritual experience for those who went. Pilgrims posted updates from the trip all over social media and painted a picture of their transformational experiences. They also talked to MN reporters along the way to provide updates and a local perspective to what Pope Francis’ message means for them and their community.

Please enjoy the press clippings generated from the pilgrimage provided below and also the digital coverage (social media, photos, etc.).

ISAIAH digital coverage of pilgrimage:

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