An Impressive Phone Bank Program

An Impressive Phone Bank Program

Much of ISAIAH’s success can be attributed to an astonishing number of phone conversations. People of faith called other people of faith to explain how this proposed amendment would violate shared values and to raise awareness of the devastating effects this amendment would have on the elderly, young people, people of color and the poor.

  • In the Twin Cities Metro region:
    • Two fully staffed phone bank operations (one in North Minneapolis and one in St. Paul) with an average of 25 people total per night; 5 nights a week from August to November.
    • 350 volunteers from 57 Twin Cities congregations filled over 900 shifts, attempted over 300,000 calls, and reached more than 24,000 voters.
    • 12,000 voters shifted their opinion from “yes” or “undecided” to a “no.”
    • Volunteers filled 300, 3-hour shifts to participate in ISAIAH’s four-day “Get Out The Vote” phone bank.
  • In St. Cloud/Greater Minnesota:
    • 28 fully staffed phone bank operations between August and November.
    • 30 volunteers from 10 congregations filled 118 shifts.
    • 1,900 voters were reached – half committing to vote “no.”

ISAIAH partnered with His Works United (an ecumenical collaboration of African American churches) to set up and operate phone banks staffed by and focused on engaging members of African American congregations in discussions about the consequences of the voter restriction amendment and urging them to go to the polls.



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