Faith and Education Leaders Call for Hearings on Integration Revenue Task Force Recommendations

Speakers at the press conference (left to right): Rev. Mark Vinge, House of Hope Lutheran Church in New Hope; Kathy Griebel, East Metropolitan Integration District and Harambee School Principal; Helen Bassett, Integration Revenue Task Force member, WMEP, and Robbinsdale School Board member; Rev. Paul Slack, Co-chair, ISAIAH Clergy and Religious Leaders Caucus; and, Sarah Gleason, ISAIAH leader.

ISAIAH and education leaders called for immediate legislative hearings on the education recommendations that were recently released by the Integration Revenue Task Force at a press conference held at the State Capitol on Feb. 28, 2012.

They asked legislators to follow the example of the task force and come together across partisan lines to create the “Achievement and Integration for Minnesota” (AIM) program based on the task force’s recommendations. The proposed AIM program seeks parent involvement and requires data collection methods that would show actual outcomes toward achieving racial equity.

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