The Path to Transformation

The Path to Transformation

We will act with hope and confidence to build the way for a healthy, vibrant, flourishing community. This will require transformation, not only of the world around us but within our own hearts.

To create our health and the health of our democracy, major societal change is necessary.  We will move our democracy and public institutions to:

  • Create racial and economic equity and make corrections for past harms.
  • Expand and protect that which must belong to all of us.
  • Pool our collective resources into public investments for the common good.
  • Create deep democratic participation in all aspects of our common lives.
  • Ensure that “Citizenship” extends to all stakeholders in our democracy.


We must also act to transform our own hearts:

  • We must know who we are.
  • We must reckon with our past.
  • We must know we are called.
  • We must act as if we believe it.


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