The ISAIAH Story: Who We Are and What We Stand For

The ISAIAH Story: Who We Are and What We Stand For

As  people of faith, we believe that all people are sacred, that all people are meant by God to have access to dignity and power, that any oppression is a sin and should be rooted out systemically.   We are called to act powerfully to eradicate that which undermines the fundamental sacredness of every human being.

We see a world of economic and racial injustice.  The real abundance of the world is only shared by a few. This injustice is upheld by a myth of scarcity.  This myth of scarcity builds a world of fear.  Because we are afraid we act in isolation, as individuals.  Our sense of community erodes and we become even more afraid and more isolated.  This perpetuates the myth of scarcity.  The world becomes more unjust.

We can see that the world does not have to be this way.  This present reality can be transformed.  We are called to play a role in this transformation.

We envision a world of economic and racial justice, a world where the abundance of this world is shared by all people, by all creation.  We believe that this shared abundance is possible when we are acting as community rather than as isolated individuals.  When we act as community, we begin to transform our fear into hope.  When this transformation occurs, a just world becomes possible.

We see a path and a role for ourselves in acting to build this social transformation.  We act on the values that come from our faith, and we are acting in the context of the American democracy.  The principles of democracy align with our fundamental values.  Democracy works best when all participate.  Democracy works best when people have power and a real voice in the decisions that affect their lives.  We know that a healthy democracy will make a social transformation more possible.  We are called to act powerfully to transform our democracy into one that works for all people.  Thus, we strive to act powerfully and effectively in the public arena. Democracy is the context within which we will move forward our vision of shared abundance and the primacy of human dignity.

We believe an economically and racially just world will only become a reality if we act in ways that are consistent with our faith values and the principles of democracy.  Thus, we strive to think and to act as community, we strive to act powerfully, we strive to be effective, we strive to make many voices heard, we strive to move our vision and our leaders into the center of the public conversation and we strive to be powerful.

We must maintain the integrity of our vision by acting on it with one another as well as acting on it in the public arena.  We believe that we must be disciplined and willing to act in certain ways to live out our serious belief that we can indeed change the current reality.


  • We build relationships SO THAT we can act powerfully to create social transformation and a just world.  We build relationships because we believe that it is only through community that we can transform ourselves, eradicate fear and bring forth a vision of hope.
  • We invest in leaders SO THAT more people work to realize the clarity of their own power and voice; we deepen our community through investment.
  • We work on issues SO THAT we can move forth a vision for a just world of shared abundance, leading to real social transformation.
  • We build power together SO THAT we can act collectively, in true community, effectively living out our values and vision of a just world.
  • We act collectively SO THAT we can be powerful, effective and fearless.
  • We operate out of self-interest SO THAT we maintain clarity about our personal and collective mission, the potential of God’s call for all of us and for the world at large.
  • We negotiate around self-interest SO THAT we honor that all people are equal and able to act on their own integrity in powerful ways.


This is how we choose to live out our faith.  This is how we choose to live out our responsibility as citizens of this democracy.


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