Prophetic Voices

Prophetic Voices

Prophetic Voices

Prophetic Voices is a movement with a distinct but ambitious goal: to create a more just and abundant Minnesota where everyone can thrive. The Prophetic Voices campaign will welcome people of faith into community-based and statewide dialogues, and will equip them with the resources and training they need to communicate, connect, and advocate.

Prophetic Voices participants will address concrete issues that will benefit our communities, and work together to reclaim our democracy for the common good. And we will be strengthened and encouraged by God’s prophetic call to service.

We believe that God calls us to:

HONOR the abundant gifts God has given us.
REPAIR that which is broken.
CREATE shared prosperity, wholeness and health for ALL people.
ACT on our belief that we are ALL God’s children.
TRANSFORM ourselves and our communities.

The Prophetic Voices Campaign will:

UNITE a statewide network of 350 clergy and their congregations.

REACH and connect 250,000 to 300,000 people of faith.

CREATE a common, prophetic narrative that clergy and congregants alike can draw on to engage people in deep dialogue about racial equity, an economy that works for all, and an agenda for action.

PREPARE clergy and faith leaders to preach out of this narrative, speak to the pain we are experiencing in our communities, and call people to action.

PROVIDE civic engagement tools that help congregations engage in powerful prophetic ministry:  materials congregations can use to sponsor candidates forums, house meetings, person to person conversations, Letters to the Editor campaigns, and other forms of action.

As people of faith, we are increasingly aware that we need to act collectively to transform our state into healthy communities where all can thrive. We begin with a central set of questions.

Will our leaders and policy help:

CREATE racial equity in our state?
UNITE us rather than divide us?
CREATE prosperity for all rather than concentrating wealth?
EXPAND participation and power in public decision making?
MOVE us from gridlock into working together creatively?

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Help ISAIAH build a healthy, just, and vital Minnesota, a place where all of us have the chance to thrive.

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