ISAIAH Descripton

ISAIAH Descripton

ISAIAH is a coalition of 100 member congregations that lets communities in Minnesota more effectively live out their faith in biblical justice and the common good. By uniting local congregations in a large regional organization, ISAIAH strengthens the ability of people of faith to address both local and regional community issues, including sprawl, affordable housing, transportation, and racial inequity. ISAIAH contains seven geographic caucuses, including the core cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, the suburbs of all four corners of the metro region, and the greater St. Cloud area.  

ISAIAH recognizes that creating healthy communities requires addressing the larger regional policies that are lead to concentrated poverty and racial inequities. Only a powerful regional organization can reshape policies around issues such as affordable housing, tax base sharing, education funding, transportation, sprawl, and economic revitalization.

ISAIAH is inclusive and embraces diversity. We are multi-racial, anti-racist, interfaith, grassroots, and non-partisan. Our work is based on the broadly shared values of:

  • A hopeful attitude toward our common future
  • Understanding that we live in community, which means that systemic injustice affects us all
  • Sharing our abundance of resources and natural gifts for the benefit of the common good


ISAIAH leaders have been working in our community for over two decades. ISAIAH was formed in 2000 bringing together three other faith-based community organizations that were founded in 1989, 1992 and a newly emerging organization.


Help ISAIAH build a healthy, just, and vital Minnesota, a place where all of us have the chance to thrive.

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