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City’s study confirms a $15/hr minimum wage would address inequalities in Minneapolis

Increase would lift wages for 71,000 workers while not harming business

Minneapolis, MN — Results of the city of Minneapolis’ minimum wage study show that a $15 minimum wage phased in by 2021 would lift wages for 71,000 workers, disproportionately Black and Latinx, with no significant differences to businesses’ operational costs (p. 57-71).

Guillermo Lindsey, one of the 71,000 workers in Minneapolis making less than $15, shared what raising the minimum wage to $15 would mean for his/her family.

“I work hard, yet because of low wages I struggle to pay for basic necessities like rent and food for my family. The CEO of Target makes $9,000/hour, but by organizing for $15 in Minneapolis, we can win,” said Guillermo Lindsey, a CTUL member and fast-food worker. “The study shows that passing a $15/hour minimum wage would have a dramatic impact on families like mine.”

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Faith Leaders Win Historic Victory in Saint Paul: Paid Sick Days for Every Worker

After yearlong campaign by workers and faith leaders, City Council passes ordinance extending paid sick days to all workers in Saint Paul

St. Paul, MN, Sept 7, 2016 — Today the Saint Paul City Council voted to pass an ordinance ensuring that all workers within the city have access to Earned Sick and Safe Time to care for themselves or their families through illness or domestic violence. Saint Paul’s ordinance is arguably the strongest in the nation because it provides all workers a consistent standard of accrual of up to 48 hours per year and provides strong enforcement and protections to ensure that every worker is able to use their paid sick time.

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Faith Leaders Outraged by Police Killing of Philando Castile

A society that attacks black and brown bodies is not acceptable. We must act.

Once again our community is reeling. Last night in Falcon Heights, Philando Castile – a black man and a Child of God – was fatally shot by a police officer in his car after being stopped for a broken taillight. The police officer shot Philando multiple times in his car, in front of his girlfriend and a four-year old child.

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Statement Regarding Earned Sick and Safe Time in Minneapolis

Unanimous Passage of Minneapolis Earned Sick and Safe Time Ordinance represents a historic victory for Minneapolis Working Families

The Minneapolis City Council’s unanimous passage of a comprehensive Earned Sick and Safe Time ordinance is a historic victory for working families in Minneapolis. More than 80,000 workers in Minneapolis will now have the ability to take up to 6 paid sick days a year to care for themselves or their family members through illness or crisis.

This historic victory belongs to the incredible organizing and courageous leadership of Neighborhoods Organizing for Change (NOC), CTUL, TakeAction Minnesota, Mainstreet Alliance and Jewish Community Action. ISAIAH joined the effort last October. Since then, ISAIAH leaders had more than 1,000 direct contacts with City Council members on this issue, and more than 400 leaders participated in meetings with Council Members Frey, Quincy, Palmisano, Warsame and Council President Johnson.

We commend Minneapolis for an intentional process of engaging workers, community members and business owners towards a strong paid sick days policy for workers across Minneapolis.

All workers in Minnesota need access to Earned Sick and Safe Time, and ISAIAH is proud to be leading the way toward paid sick days for all in Saint Paul.

ISAIAH Statement Regarding Earned Sick and Safe Time in Minneapolis

Proposed Ordinance represents a compromise and responds to the
crisis facing Minneapolis working families

ISAIAH leaders are celebrating the progress that has been made in Minneapolis towards a comprehensive earned sick and safe time policy. We are pleased that the council has adopted the recommendations of the Workplace Partnership Group, and we believe that the proposed earned sick and safe time ordinance represents a compromise reached through intentional dialogue between community members, workers and businesses in Minneapolis.

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