New Coalition Calls on Legislature to Pass Paid Family Leave Program


On February 17, Minnesotans for Paid Family Leave, a new statewide coalition of working families, faith communities, labor, and nonprofit organizations, kicked off a campaign to push for paid family leave for all working Minnesotans. Several Minnesotans affected by leave policies related their families’ experiences. They are among the thousands of Minnesotans who would be helped by a Paid Family Leave program that would provide all Minnesota employees with a percentage of their wages for up to 6 weeks while they are bonding with a new child, caring for an elder or seriously-ill family member, or dealing with pregnancy-related health concerns.

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Transit Riders, Faith and Community Groups Call For Expanded Public Transportation Funding

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One hundred transit riders from ISAIAH, Neighborhoods Organizing for Change, and other members of the Move MN coalition joined with state leaders, including Lieutenant Governor Tina Smith, State Senator Scott Dibble, Met Council Chair Adam Duininck, and State Representative Frank Hornstein in a rally outside the State Capitol, calling on the legislature to guarantee expanded public transportation as part of a comprehensive, multimodal transportation plan.

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Faith and Community Leaders Announce Initiative to Close the Race Gap in Minnesota’s Juvenile Justice System

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On Thursday February 5,  faith leaders from African American communities and ISAIAH joined community and state leaders to announce their commitment to end racial disparities in Minnesota’s juvenile justice system.

“Our juvenile justice system is broken and racialized; and the time is now to repair it,” declared Rev. Ovester Armstrong, Jr., pastor at Macedonia Baptist Church in Minneapolis. “The lives of our young black boys are being destroyed by a system designed to punish for life rather than offer rehabilitation, forgiveness, and a hopeful vision and pathway for their future. We are committed to stand up for the humanity of our black youth and to call out the inhumanity of a system that fails to see the God in them.”

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Clergy Proclaim Agenda To Engage Elected Leaders To Heal Racial And Economic Division

ClergyPressConf2 Jan 2015

On Thursday, January 29, a multi-racial and multi-denominational group of 50 ISAIAH clergy and religious leaders gathered at the State Capitol to announce their commitment to engage Minnesota’s elected leaders and promote policies that eliminate racial and economic inequities.

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ISAIAH Celebrates Executive Action To Protect 5 Million Immigrants From Deportation


St. Paul, MN – Following is a response from Doran Schrantz, Executive Director of ISAIAH, reacting to yesterday’s address from the President on his executive action:

“As a community of faith, we believe every human being is sacred and God’s love transcends all borders, races and ethnicities.”

“President Obama’s decision marks a historic moment in a longtime movement led by faith and grassroots leaders for immigration reform to repair an unjust system that tears apart families and communities. We celebrate this good news with local advocates, faith leaders and aspiring Americans who will be relieved to finally come out of the shadows and more fully contribute to our communities.”

“While we celebrate, we also know that this expansion of deferred action does not include all of our brothers and sisters and that we must continue to fight. This is not the solution but is a crucial step forward and victory for our families.”

“Nelis Morfin Sanchez of Brooklyn Park, MN is a leader in ISAIAH’s Campaign for Citizenship. She has been in the U.S. for 16 years and has 3 children (2 who qualify for DACA status and 1 who is a U.S. citizen). She shared her feelings on the President’s action:

‘I am speechless with joy. President Obama heard the voice of the community after so long and realized he needed to act.  Many families like myself will be helped. But too many people are left out. I know friends who will not qualify.  We need to keep working and help all families.  I am not afraid.’”

“ISAIAH will be a prominent voice during the 2015 Legislative Session and will advocate for policies and reforms to restore the vote, provide paid sick time off and family leave for all workers and to allow undocumented immigrants to attain a drivers license.”


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