ISAIAH Celebrates Executive Action To Protect 5 Million Immigrants From Deportation


St. Paul, MN – Following is a response from Doran Schrantz, Executive Director of ISAIAH, reacting to yesterday’s address from the President on his executive action:

“As a community of faith, we believe every human being is sacred and God’s love transcends all borders, races and ethnicities.”

“President Obama’s decision marks a historic moment in a longtime movement led by faith and grassroots leaders for immigration reform to repair an unjust system that tears apart families and communities. We celebrate this good news with local advocates, faith leaders and aspiring Americans who will be relieved to finally come out of the shadows and more fully contribute to our communities.”

“While we celebrate, we also know that this expansion of deferred action does not include all of our brothers and sisters and that we must continue to fight. This is not the solution but is a crucial step forward and victory for our families.”

“Nelis Morfin Sanchez of Brooklyn Park, MN is a leader in ISAIAH’s Campaign for Citizenship. She has been in the U.S. for 16 years and has 3 children (2 who qualify for DACA status and 1 who is a U.S. citizen). She shared her feelings on the President’s action:

‘I am speechless with joy. President Obama heard the voice of the community after so long and realized he needed to act.  Many families like myself will be helped. But too many people are left out. I know friends who will not qualify.  We need to keep working and help all families.  I am not afraid.’”

“ISAIAH will be a prominent voice during the 2015 Legislative Session and will advocate for policies and reforms to restore the vote, provide paid sick time off and family leave for all workers and to allow undocumented immigrants to attain a drivers license.”

ISAIAH Unites Uncommon Coalition of Religious Voters Around Shared Values


Amidst continued public dissatisfaction with our polarizing political climate, ISAIAH clergy and grassroots faith leaders launched a campaign to engage thousands of “low-propensity” religious voters across Minnesota around their faith identity and shared values, building and developing a coalition of people of faith who are committed to racial and economic justice.

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African-American Churches, Community Groups Lead “Souls 2 the Polls” March and Rally


Interfaith event about the community “standing up and being counted”

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Set at Liberty – Faith, Race and the Sin of Mass Incarceration

set at liberty2

Two Events: Tues., January 13th & Wed., January 14th

A faith summit to equip 250 faith leaders to understand and lead their congregations in addressing the racialized systems that prohibit African Americans from living productive and healthy lives. We will address mass incarceration as a human rights issue and give attention to public policies of school suspensions, private prisons, restoring voter rights, and will explore proven juvenile detention alternatives. Most importantly we will provide faith leaders with the theological, analytical and practical skills to be powerful and sustained agents of change.

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Minneapolis School Board Candidate Equity Survey Results

ISAIAH leaders from several of our Minneapolis congregations joined together to interview and survey Minneapolis School Board candidates to assist our members in making informed voting decisions.  These soon-to-be elected officials set policy and oversee the district’s budget, curriculum, personnel, and facilities. Their authority has far-reaching impact on whether each of God’s children receive an equitable education.

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