LET MY PEOPLE VOTE: Souls to the Polls March and Rally

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On Sunday, October 26, there will be an opportunity in Minneapolis for people of faith to gather after church services for a “Souls to the Polls” march and rally – and then vote to demonstrate our commitment to transform our state.

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Three Faith Summits, Five Candidate Forums: Making Sure Your Faith Values are Heard during this Election Season


As people of faith, we believe that the love of God compels us to call for communities centered on our shared values of dignity, inclusion, equity, and redemption. With your support, ISAIAH is working to make sure these values are heard by candidates running for public office and that our elected leaders are encouraged to create laws and policies that honor our values.

During October, our Latino, African American, and Central Minnesota members are hosting faith summits with our State’s top elected leaders.  We are also holding five candidate forums in congregations in the suburban metro region.  Each gathering includes a values-based dialogue with public and legislative leaders and candidates about issues negatively affecting their respective communities and regions, suggestions for improvements, and a commitment by those in attendance to work together after the election to make change happen.

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Met Council Takes Steps to Reduce Racial and Economic Inequities

The Metropolitan Council’s decision making record for our region is pretty clear – over the past couple decades, we have spent an awful lot on roadways in the outer ring areas, while roads and sewers in the core cities and inner-suburbs are crumbling. Bus funding has been stagnant for a long time, leading to crowding and poor service on many important local bus routes that serve people who depend on transit to get around.  This status quo leads to racial and economic inequity throughout our region. It effectively has subsidized “white flight” and has fueled disinvestment and redlining in communities of color.

Over the past few years, your support of ISAIAH has allowed us to work with Metropolitan Council members to “shine the light” on how their funding and decision making authority can be used to reduce the racial and economic inequities found throughout our region.  Our work to monitor their plans and decisions and inviting Council members to meet with us in our congregations has begun to bear fruit.

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ISAIAH Clergy Launch Prophetic Voter Campaign

9.3.14 press event

Religious Leaders Launch Faith Based Voter Engagement Program

On Wednesday, September 3, ISAIAH clergy and faith leaders gathered at the Minnesota State Capitol to announce the Prophetic Voter campaign, an ambitious plan to reach 56,000 religious voters in a statewide civic engagement program. The initiative seeks to urge congregations and community members to come together from different backgrounds and perspectives and vote for shared values and principles that promote economic dignity, family security and racial equity.

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Become a Prophetic Voter!

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Join people of faith who say their vote in this election will be an act of love and justice. Take the pledge today!

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ISAIAH needs your support to build a healthy, just, and vital Minnesota, a place where all of us have the chance to thrive.

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