Statement on “Reinsurance”

Statement on “Reinsurance”

From ISAIAH, TakeAction Minnesota, The Land Steward Project and Minnesota Nurses Association


April 3, 2017 — “We are deeply disappointed that the state legislature passed and the Governor did not act to veto the “Reinsurance” bill. This program is a $542 million giveaway to health insurance companies. It was passed and allowed to become law despite the refusal of the insurance industry to provide any guarantees of affordability or provider choice. The program steals $400 million from a fund to provide healthcare to low-income Minnesotans, setting vulnerable Minnesotans on a course towards a crisis in coming years. The reinsurance program lacks accountability, and will be overseen by a board that is stacked by the insurance industry itself.

We are especially disappointed as the legislature has failed to act on the MinnesotaCare buy-in option, as proposed by Governor Dayton. This sensible option would guarantee access to health insurance in every corner of the state and provide high-quality affordable healthcare coverage to all Minnesotans.

Especially in these times of federal attacks on healthcare, this is a drastic failure of vision and leadership on the part of our state government, as well as a powerful example of the extent of corporate power to set public policy and control public dollars.”



ISAIAH Leaders of Greater Minnesota Release Report Detailing the High Cost of ACA Repeal for the State

Greater Minnesota Likely to be Disproportionately Impacted

Repeal Plan Takes Health Care Away, Shifts Costs to Patients, Inflicts Large-Scale Economic Harm

OTSEGO, EDEN PRAIRIE, and COTTAGE GROVE, Minn. – February 23, 2017 –  ISAIAH faith leaders, clergy and people who depend on the ACA for health care are disseminating the newly released Health Care for America Now (HCAN) report to state representatives and staff this week.  This report details the impact of repealing the ACA on individuals and on Minnesota’s economy.

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Hundreds Rally for MinnesotaCare Buy-In at Valentine’s Day Rally

MinnesotaCare for All offers affordable, stable option to health care woes facing Minnesotans

Today, the Minnesota State Capitol rotunda was filled with the voices of hundreds of concerned Minnesotans as they articulated a grave unease in the future for healthcare. Nurses, farmers, faith leaders and concerned citizens all feel the need for high quality, affordable and accessible healthcare, and to stop giving handouts to insurance corporations. Governor Dayton has proposed a common sense solution – expand MinnesotaCare as an option for all Minnesotans buying individual insurance.

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Minnesota Clergy and Faith Leaders Confront Medica Health for Putting Dollars Before People

While Minnesota House and Senate Republicans are moving forward with a proposed massive corporate bailout for health insurance companies who have created a crisis for Minnesota families with bloated premiums, Minnesota Clergy held an action at Medica, one of the worst insurance actors. Faith leaders expressed outrage over Medica’s attempts to force Minnesotans to pay for the costs of their morally questionable business decisions. Clergy with ISAIAH, a faith-based organization focused on racial and economic justice, are calling for a public option so that private insurance companies are required to compete with a system genuinely focused on people’s well-being.

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Organizations challenge plans to cut, gut healthcare for 2.4 million Minnesotans

EDEN PRAIRIE and OTSEGO, Minn. Dec. 20, 2016 — As Congressional leaders plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act in January, grassroots leaders from ISAIAH, TakeAction Minnesota, the Land Stewardship Project, Main Street Alliance of Minnesota, the Minnesota Nurses Association and AFSCME held actions at both the offices of U.S. Reps, Erik Paulsen (R) and Tom Emmer (R), voicing their concerns about the future of healthcare in the state.

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