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Turning Over the Tables of Justice: A Holy Week Action on Payday Lending

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On Monday, March 21, ISAIAH congregations welcomed Federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Director Richard Cordray for “Turning Over the Tables of Justice, ”where he met with more than 200 ISAIAH leaders at Shiloh Temple in north Minneapolis about the national scourge of payday lending and reigning it in here in Minnesota.

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Minimum Wage Bill Victory


On April 14th, we celebrated the signing of the Minimum Wage Bill by Gov. Mark Dayton.  “Minnesotans who work full-time should be able to earn enough money to lift their families out of poverty” said Dayton, surrounded by legislators, labor and community leaders at a ceremonial bill signing in the State Capitol rotunda. “Raising the minimum wage to $9.50, and indexing it to inflation, will improve the lives of over 325,000 hard-working Minnesotans.”

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Clergy Stand in Solidarity With Striking Wal-Mart Worker to Call on Lawmakers to End Poverty Wages in Minnesota

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St. Paul – This morning 8 clergy joined 15 people from labor and community groups for a press conference at the Brooklyn Center Wal-Mart to call on lawmakers and big corporations to end poverty wages and improve working conditions for Minnesotans.

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Report proposes solution to Minnesota’s foreclosure crisis | Twin Cities Daily Planet – 7/15/12

By Eric Pusey, Minnesota Progressive Project
July 15, 2012

In your neighborhood, on your block and probably even people you know have been foreclosed upon. Where I live in Minneapolis there are blocks where nearly half the homes are foreclosed. We read horror story after horror story. The banks are corrupt and incorrigible. And there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

Today, a coalition of community organizations, faith groups and Occupy Homes MN released a report detailing a plan to get us out of this morass.

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Report: Mortgage Fix Needed to End Minneapolis and Minnesota Foreclosure Crisis


July 12, 2012

Principal reduction would benefit economy, cities, and lenders themselves

Minneapolis — A coalition of community organizations, faith groups and Occupy Homes MN today released a report arguing that homeowners, the local tax base, the economy and banks themselves would all benefit if lenders reduced the principal on underwater mortgages and did more to help borrowers avoid unnecessary foreclosures.

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