ISAIAH’s Prophetic Resistance: Week of March 10, 2017

ISAIAH’s Prophetic Resistance: Week of March 10, 2017

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Prophetic Resistance: News and Actions for the Week of March 10

ISAIAH’s Prophetic Resistance Campaign

At our Prophetic Resistance gathering in January, over 2,000 people of faith committed to counter the hate and tyranny being unleashed in the nation by participating in 100 Days of Prophetic Action — making a daily commitment to fight for moral issues like affordable healthcare or education reform and against immoral agendas like predatory lending or the for-profit prison industrial complex.

Read on and be inspired by some of the many Prophetic Actions, large and small, that have taken place across Minnesota by people of faith this week.  You can follow along on our 100 Days of Prophetic Action Facebook page.

You’ll also find some ideas on prophetic actions you can take this week at the bottom of this email.

Prophetic Actions

Faith leaders from ISAIAH attended a rally and House vote on March 3 to oppose the pre-emption bill, including Arline Datu (pictured above on left) from St. Thomas More Catholic Church in St. Paul: “I worked long and hard – almost two years – to get the earned sick and safe time ordinance passed in St. Paul.” Arline’s family has had to take her baby grandson to an expensive emergency room visit at night because it could cost them their jobs to take off work to get him a daytime doctor visit.

The Minnesota House passed this bill that prevents local governments from adopting measures to improve workplace policies, and retroactively rescinds the earned sick and safe time ordinances passed by Minneapolis and St. Paul which provide 150,000 people with paid leave when they are ill or need to care for a loved one.

“I went to the peace rally today in Eden Prairie for Srinavas Kuchibhotla, who was killed by a white supremacist in Kansas on February 22nd. My hashtags say: Srinavas Kuchibhotla, Shanti (peace), Om (we are One) and ahimsa (nonviolence).” – Rupa Ryan Kryzer

  • ISAIAH leader, Sarah Gleason, had a Letter to the Editor printed in the Star Tribune against pre-emption. As noted in the LTE, this issue is about power – continuing to shift it from God’s creation (people) to big business. Let’s unite as people of faith and love, knowing that the power is with and within us to make positive change for all. We will continue to fight. We can and will win.

“Called my representatives to fight against preemption, the protesters’ bill and the potential elimination of AmeriCorps funding.” – Vivian Ihekoronye

People of faith and Minnesota immigrants had a great win this week! The REAL ID bill with anti-immigrant language failed in the Senate, 38-29! Great work to all those in this long fight. Now onward to push for a clean REAL ID bill that loses all the anti-immigrant language and leaves an option for Drivers Licenses for All! 

  • Sanctuary Congregations Navigate New Normal… Twenty-seven congregations comprising a number of denominations across Minnesota are now are part of the ‘Sanctuary’ movement.  KSTP-5 TV News Report

“Today, I called my US Representative to let him know that I need him to support the environment by opposing gutting the EPA (including protections to the Great Lakes, right here next to us!) and asking him to consider joining or at least working with the new bi-partisan climate action caucus in the House.” – Juli Thompson

More than 50 leaders from ISAIAH, Minnesota Nurses Association, and Take Action Minnesota started their day with a training and spent the day at the Capitol talking to legislators about supporting a MinnesotaCare buy-in option and the opposing reinsurance bills. (See below for more information about Reinsurance.)

Prophetic Actions for the upcoming week:

  • Call Minority Leader Senator Bakk to thank him for doing the right thing by encouraging his caucus to oppose the REAL ID bill’s anti-immigrant language. Hearing from lots of people will give him the confidence to continue the fight when the legislation returns. 651-296-8881
  • Call your Minnesota Senator and ask them to oppose the pre-emption bill — local interference bill that is anti-local democracy. This corporate power grab takes away sick and safe time leave from 150,000 working people in Minneapolis and St. Paul and prevents local communities from passing other workplace rules.
  • National Health Care.  Congress has introduced the “American Health Care Act” that would replace the Affordable Care Act. This replacement would be devastating for millions of people — especially the most vulnerable. Congress plans to move this bill forward at an irresponsible pace. They hope to have it signed into law before any resistance can be mobilized and before they face constituents in April. This means voting on legislation that has profound impacts on our lives without having done any real analysis on the cost — both financially and to human life. Here are two things you can do right now!

– Call your U.S. Senators and tell them to oppose this legislation. (Tip: It’s more effective to call local offices)

Join our rapid response team and become part of the prophetic resistance from Minnesota. We’ll keep you updated with information and actions you can take to promote a healthcare system that puts people first.

  • Minnesota Health Care. Both the Minnesota House and Senate will consider bills that give away millions of Minnesota taxpayer money to insurance companies. In this corporate welfare scheme, taxpayers will pay insurance companies part of the cost of an individuals’ care that exceeds $45,000. The House reinsurance bill would cost taxpayers nearly $400 million and the Senate version $600m. This legislation reduces federal funding for current MinnesotaCare recipients and diverts money that provides access to healthcare for low-income Minnesotans.Votes are happening March 13 and 14.  Call your Minnesota Representative and Senator this weekend and tell them to vote against the reinsurance bill. Call Governor Dayton and ask him to veto the bill unless it includes a MinnesotaCare buy-in option.

Elected Officials Contact Information

Who Represents Me? – Using your address, the district finder will retrieve a list of your representatives with contact information.

Governor’s Office – 651-201-3400 / Toll Free: 800-657-3717


We have been called for such a time as this!

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