ISAIAH’s Prophetic Resistance: Week of Mar 17, 2017

ISAIAH’s Prophetic Resistance: Week of Mar 17, 2017

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ISAIAH’s Prophetic Resistance Campaign
News and Actions for the Week of March 17

At our Prophetic Resistance gathering in January, over 2,000 people of faith committed to counter the hate and tyranny being unleashed in the nation by participating in 100 Days of Prophetic Action — making a daily commitment to fight for moral issues like affordable healthcare or education reform and against immoral agendas like predatory lending or the for-profit prison industrial complex.

Read on and be inspired by some of the Prophetic Actions that have taken place across Minnesota by people of faith this week. You can follow along on our 100 Days of Prophetic Action Facebook page.

You’ll also find many ideas on prophetic actions you can take this week.

Prophetic Actions

Healthcare 911!  Over 50 people participated in our webinar series on ways to respond to the repeal plan for the Affordable Care Act. The replacement plan ends guaranteed coverage for the most vulnerable in our society through deep cuts to Medicaid; increases costs for the sick and the elderly; and, takes away health coverage from millions of Americans while providing large tax cuts to drug companies, insurance executives and the wealthiest in our country. A recording of the webinar is available.

Metro Transit bus, LRT fare hikes proposed. Amity Foster, an ISAIAH transportation leader and staff member, was interviewed by Minnesota Public Radio after testifying at a Met Council meeting on the impact a fare increase would have on her family. She urged council members to lobby Minnesota lawmakers to use some of the state’s budget surplus to provide additional funds for public transit. “The Legislature really needs to hear from the Met Council,” Foster said. “They need to hear from transit riders. We are the ones who can have an impact and get that money where it needs to be.”  You can read the article here.

Prophetic Actions for the upcoming week:

  • Call your Congressperson and tell them to vote against the ACA (Affordable Care Act) replacement plan
  • Urge Governor Dayton to Veto the Insurance Industry Bailout. The Minnesota legislature has voted to hand almost $1 billion to the health insurance industry, hoping it will lower premiums for those on the individual market. This is called the Reinsurance Bill but it’s really a corporate handout. The insurance industry has refused to guarantee that this massive subsidy will reduce premiums or address the problems of high deductibles and the shrinking choice of doctors and clinics. Meanwhile, Gov. Dayton has proposed a sensible solution to allow anyone in Minnesota to buy into the successful MinnesotaCare program. The Governor’s proposal would guarantee that every Minnesotan has an option to purchase insurance.Sample message: “My name is _____ and I live in _____. I am concerned about the plan to pour nearly $1 billion into the pockets of the health insurance companies, with no guarantees of making coverage affordable. I am calling to thank Governor Dayton for his leadership on healthcare, and urge him to VETO the reinsurance bill unless it includes the MinnesotaCare buy-in option he has proposed. 
  • Stop Private Prisons!  After successful efforts last session to prevent passage of a bill to reopen the private prison in Appleton, Minn., new legislation requiring the Department of Corrections to lease or buy this prison will be heard in the House Public Safety Committee. Making a profit off human suffering is both immoral and unethical. It creates a demand for more suffering to increase capital. It also often means cutting corners on life saving and dignity restorative necessities like, food, healthcare, accommodations and bedding to pad the pockets of the wealthy.Action 1: Join us for the hearing. Let’s fill the room as we push for a more humane community!  Tuesday, March 21; 10:15am to noon; 10 State Office Building.Action 2: Call the Chair of the House Public Safety Committee (Rep. Cornish 651-296-4240) and the Chair of the Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Committee (Senator Limmer 651-296-2159) and let them know you are opposed to the private-prison model of generating profits off incarceration and detention.
  • Call your Congressperson and urge them to oppose Trump’s budget proposal. This Facebook post from Pastor Tom Terrell, Christ Lutheran Church in Chicago, sums up why people of faith must oppose this proposal:  “If I hated Jesus – really hated him – for all he spoke up for, all he stood for, all he suffered for, all he died for, I would definitely vote for the Trump budget. But since I don’t, I’ll be calling Congress tomorrow, and I urge you to do the same, and to tell your representatives this budget is not only bad, it is demonic. Everybody loses, except the military and companies that build walls. It’s a ‘beat your plows into swords’ budget.”   
  • Join us for the Kids Count on Us Day at the Capitol: 
  • Join us for a prayer vigil for health care on March 21st at 10am at Congressman Lewis’s Burnsville office, Congressman Paulsen’s Eden Prairie office, or Congressman Emmer’s Otsego office. 
  • Join our healthcare rapid response team and become part of the prophetic resistance from Minnesota. We’ll keep you updated with information and actions you can take to promote a healthcare system that puts people first. Click here to sign up.

Elected Officials Contact Information

Who Represents Me? – Using your address, the district finder will retrieve a list of your representatives with contact information. Note: It’s more effectivie to call the local office of your Member of Congress.

Governor’s Office – 651-201-3400 / Toll Free: 800-657-3717


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